What Your Star Sign Says About Your Friendship

The new year is all about new beginnings, new goals and the exciting prospect of new friendships. Kerry Ward, gave us the download on what your star sign says about you and what you bring to the table. Interesting…

best friends and star signs



You’re a heat-seeking missile of ACTION: blunt, direct, forceful but, by god, no one’s sitting around wallowing in their own mess, eating cheese puffs and re-watching Friends with you around in the Squad. Oh no. They’re out hang-gliding, waterfall diving, potholing, hot tubbing, street dancing, island hopping etc.
And for all your Mars-like noise and bolshy ring leading, there’s not an ounce of malice in you. You only want what’s best. And, here’s the really cute thing: you genuinely believe in the best of people. There’s an innocent, trusting faith with Aries. Once bitten, twice shy maybe; but, who would dare bite you?

BFF with… Leo
Gets on well with… Sagittarius
Sparks might fly with… Taurus
Toxic twosome with… Aquarius

tumblr girl star signs and friendship


Everyone needs a Taurus in their Squad because you truly know how to have a good time.
Any activity revolving around food, drink, comfort, relaxation, shopping, chilling; that’s where you come into your own. You know JUST what feels good, what others will enjoy doing, and how to effortlessly blend it all together to create a perfect day or evening schedule. It just feels like common sense to you.
You’re also cuddly (you are; stop pretending you don’t like it!), stable, faithful and attractive. The Squad feels at home and comfortable in your presence, as though they can truly be themselves, with no need for airs or graces or facades.

star signs and friendship tumblr picyure

BFF with… Virgo
Gets on well with… Capricorn
Sparks might fly with… Gemini
Toxic twosome with… Aries


You make people do stuff and go places they had no plans doing before you persuaded them into it (though you cannot BEAR for anyone else to tell YOU what to do). You bring the most excruciating gossip and the funniest asides, and they just keep on coming; you’re a machine of information and news.
Geminis are the Zodiac’s Peter Pans; they never grow up. And, like Peter, they need their Wendys (the reliable, organised, practical friends) and their Lost Boys (the people they can manipulate to do shit). All Squads need a Gemini to stir it up. Just be ready to go out on a Friday and not see your bed till Monday.


BFF with… Libra
Gets on well with… Aquarius
Sparks might fly with… Taurus
Toxic twosome with… Pisces


dreams star signs and friendship

Putting the bad, sad and dangerous moods aside (we’ll talk about THAT another day, Miss Cancer), you will not find a more empathetic, loyal, tender or affectionate friend across the whole entire Zodiac.
You Cancerians are deeply intuitive; you get how people feel, and know just what they need (a hug, a drink, a pep talk) to cheer them up. Importantly, too, you actually care. Deeply.  
You’ll remember birthdays, anniversaries, ancient private jokes, exes and details of all previous wounds. You’re a genuine, trusted Life Partner to your friends and share in their deepest, darkest secrets AND their greatest successes. People love you.

BFF with… Scorpio
Gets on well with… Virgo
Sparks might fly with… Capricorn
Toxic twosome with… Gemini


disco ball star signs and friendship

Did anyone ask for a Ring Leader? Every Squad needs one, and you’re more than up to the task.
You make running things look effortless because you were born to boss. Not only that: people love you for it. Everything is done with great humour and warmth. No one is left out or isolated on your watch, because you have a deep bond with the under dogs and marginalised. You make the Squad feel like a real Squad; you’re the glue that binds, the thread throughout, the centre that holds. Big laughs, big hair and big parties.
And this merry little structure can continue… as long as you’re occasionally thanked, fussed, complimented, appreciated and recognised for being Boss. If not, weelll… that’s another story isn’t it.

BFF with… Sagittarius
Gets on well with… Scorpio
Sparks might fly with… Aquarius
Toxic twosome with… Capricorn


The Helper. The Organiser. The Sounding Board. The Insightful One.
You’re the only one with the combination of respect, balls, charm and affection to tell people how things really are, to say they need to get their life together, to point out who is out of order. But, god bless you, it’s never just a criticism. You’re there, without judgment or bad feeling, to help people sort it all out and make things better too.
Virgos make friendships that can take the weight of real life. Your sense of realism, intelligence and commitment to the people you love make you invaluable to anyone lucky enough to have you as a pal.

heels and star signs and friendship

BFF with… Capricorn
Gets on well with… Gemini
Sparks might fly with… Pisces
Toxic twosome with… Aries


Librans mate for life. You do. You’re the type to still have friends from nursery; having a history with others really matters to you, and you respect long-standing bonds.
Not only that, you’re great company. A keen intellect, a lively talker and a charming manner make you extremely easy company. Hours can pass swiftly and unnoticed when you’re around Librans.
And your keen sense of fairness keeps you out of Squad ‘issues’, because you always err on the side of doing the right thing, compromising, playing nice. People trust your judgment and will follow you because they know you’ll have weighed it all up first.

BFF with… Aquarius
Gets on well with… Virgo
Sparks might fly with… Leo
Toxic twosome with… Sagittarius



You’re not known for having LOADS of friends, because you’re highly selective about who you’re connected to and who you let in (though you enjoy probing and analysing everyone you meet, but that’s strictly a one-way thing).  
However, those few who do know you well will chime in chorus: LOYAL. Scorpios would literally kill for the people they love, but your loyalty can turn to vengeance if roused. You can also ruffle feathers with your brutal home truths, but friends will still ask for them because they won’t get that clean intentioned honesty anywhere else.
Everyone needs a Scorpio in their corner, especially for the dark times.

BFF with… Cancer
Gets on well with… Pisces
Sparks might fly with… Capricorn
Toxic twosome with… Taurus

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You’ll do anything to make your friends smile. It literally PAINS you to see them down or hurt. And this is a role you can perform with ease because your sense of humour, impersonations, memory and lively personality make you laugh-a-minute company.
You’re a lovable idealist, with no underside or second face, and although your bluntness can be, well, blunt, at least people always know where they stand with you.  
You’re one of the Zodiac’s wanderers and adventurers; you can wake up on a Saturday morning and be in Paris by lunchtime, without having planned it. Fearless, spontaneous and generous; who wouldn’t want a Sagittarian on side.

BFF with… Leo
Gets on well with… Aries
Sparks might fly with… Pisces
Toxic twosome with… Cancer

girl tumblr friends stra signs on serendipity ave


We all know you’re super-serious and practical and ambitious… and all this makes you sound a bit, well, off-putting. But you have a secret weapon in the Squad pecking order stats.
Do you know what it is?
Your incredibly dark, perceptive and unique sense of humour. You spot the stuff which is crying out to be mocked, but no one else can do it. You have a hidden penchant for goofball, slapstick comedy. Put the two together and you alone can create the crying-with-laughter comments or sitches that the Squad will never forget.
And, of course, when you are inevitably rich and famous, you’ll be treating them all in style.

BFF with… Virgo
Gets on well with… Taurus
Sparks might fly with… Gemini
Toxic twosome with… Cancer


I mean, first off, you’re a one of a kind. Your eccentric, morally correct but also wildly rebellious, inquisitive nature mean you cannot be predicted or pre empted. No one knows what you’re going to do or say next, and that is interesting in itself.
You’re also the only one who really wants to stay up all night talking about the Universe, cats’ behaviour tics , what Scott Disick will do next, why your Ex is going out with a troll etc etc. This kind of unconventional and special company in the Squad is essential to support the times when no one really knows what to do. You’re never at a loss for an idea or a plan. You can see what the others can’t, or won’t.

BFF with… Libra
Gets on well with… Scorpio
Sparks might fly with… Aries
Toxic twosome with… Leo

sky clouds friends star signs on serendipity ave


You’re the Wise Soul who carries the woes and worries of the Squad on her shoulders. With relatively little worldly ambition, but a massive heart and imagination, you undervalue how much others need and rely on you. Mostly good-natured (your sarcasm is legendary) and clumsily cute, you are an empath who can detect others’ moods and needs. You know just what to do or say, and have taken this envied skill for granted I bet.
Don’t. It’s gold dust. It’s what makes you the Squad Rock.  

BFF with… Cancer
Gets on well with… Virgo
Sparks might fly with… Gemini
Toxic twosome with… Aries


Well… If that didn’t just nail everything right on the head.

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