We love to keep you guys in the loop with our life and current obsessions so we thought we would give you a heads up on a new channel called VICELAND. For all the old school souls out there, you would have heard of the magazine VICE, well they got a channel!

When we got the chance to catch a preview of one of their new shows called States of Undress we didn’t expect anything like what followed. What a cool concept to show how fashion influences daily lives differently around the world! We caught the first episode which was based on what fashion truly stands for in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, how it effects their economy and the way they think. The show States of Undress follows one reporter getting in amongst it all and giving you a preview into the real world of fashion. It has a true sense of telling it just like it is, in its purest form, which we must say is refreshing. No sugar coating or filters added, just the pure reality which is so hard to come across in today’s altered sense of reality.

We both have very mixed cultural backgrounds, Nami being half German and half Japanese and growing up between two different cultures this always had a huge impact on her sense of styling.

Nami: I remember going back to school in Germany after a summer spent in Japan in the coolest new clothes fresh from Tokyo and everyone in school thought I was totally nuts! A Sailor Moon outfit might have been totally hip in one corner of the world but a total flop in another corner. I have always drawn my inspiration from traveling, which was so easy accessible for me from a young age growing up in Europe weekend trips to France, Spain or Scandinavia was the norm. My mum also always inspired me, I used to be embarrassed about her fashion choices back in the days (she always had the funkiest pants and biggest earrings) but now totally identify myself with her “I do what I want” attitude when it comes to fashion and let’s be honest life in general 😉

Pascale being half Kiwi and half French (but born in Australia) has always drawn inspiration from traveling between the two places.

Pascale: Growing up in tropical Queensland and then moving to be with family in the small town of Russell, although not on the either side of the world from each other the style is very different. A lot is determined by temperature in Queensland because it can be so hot. I remember visiting New Zealand on holidays and I would make my mum buy me beanies, gloves and ear muffs. My cousins thought we were ridiculous but I didn’t care, I was just so excited to wear woollen things. Now days I draw a lot of my style from what feels good and what is more flattering on me. I have learned that trends aren’t for everyone, you just need to wear what makes you feel good.
Inspiration for our blogposts come from a load of different things; people watching, traveling, magazines and now thanks to VICELAND, the new addition States of Undress. It’s definitely worth a watch if you are into doco’s and the real deal.

At the end of the day fashion is a universal language, style is who you are without having to speak. So here’s our current inspiration to get your day going.

Love always Nami + Pascale Xx

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