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The creme that fixes all! Like, all in terms of beauty problems… but who knows this magical creme could also be the answer for other heartaches? Don’t take my word for it though!

However, what you can take my word for is, that this magical little iconic green tube will change your life. It is well beloved by celebrities all over the world and a must have for every girls or boys beauty cupboard. I have been using this creme since I was a little child. I use to get very bad dry skin from swimming and terribly chipped lips in winter. My mum had one answer for it: Weleda Skin Food! Don’t trust my mothers judgement? (how dare you! LOL) See below:

Here are some reasons why this super tube will be your new beauty bestie:

  1. It’s 100% natural – no nasties and never tested on animals, it smells like wild flowers and sweet orange and is free from parabens, preservatives, colors and perfumes or any other nasties.
  2. It is so cheap – don’t spend $$$ on cremes that promise you the world when you can have it with a few bucks.
  3. Its diverse – you can pretty much use it for anything.
  4. Celebrities love it – Victoria Beckham, Georgia Fowler, Madonna, Rihanna, Alexa Chung and so many more #bossgirls swear by it – join the cult.
  5. It’s kid friendly – nappy rash or eczema prone skin? Try it out it works magic on my bigger sister who has very bad eczema.
  6. Men friendly – haha that sounds so weird! But Brent loves it to tame his beard (when he had that big bush thing going anyway).
  7. It’s pet friendly – it’s the perfect creme for you puppies paws or for sensitive pets that tend to get skin irritations.
  8. A little goes a long way – the thickness of the creme allows you to only use a small amount.
  9. It’s available at Shop Serendipity Ave your fav local hot spot of course 😉
  10. Among Weleda’s best selling products since 1926.

My fav ways to use the creme:

  1. On my lips – goodbye dry skin, I use it throughout the day or layer it thick onto my lips overnight
  2. Face mask – I love using this creme all over my face (especially in winter when my skin is extra needy) and I leave it on to go to bed, the next day your skin will look and feel replenished.
  3. Primer – I LOVE using it underneath my make up when I’m going for a dewy glow look (which is my go-to look.) Make sure you give it a bit of time to sink in. When I know I have a event to go to I layer it on thick a couple of hours beforehand to let it soak into my skin deeply.
  4. Dry hair – I use it to put some moisture into my dry ends.
  5. Hands and foot – I always have one at work as I feel my hands get so dry through out the day. To deeply nourish hard-working, dry hands liberally apply the cream on the hands, cover with cotton gloves and leave on overnight.
  6. Dry body parts before self tanning – I rub this wonder creme on my elbows and knees before I fake tan, this helps to prevent not so pretty tan build up on these dry body parts!
  7. Natural highlighter – I love dabbing this product onto my cheekbones for a natural glow.
  8.  Eyebrow gel – I use this creme to tame my eyebrows. I put the smallest amount onto my eyebrow brush and put them into place.

I am so over the moon to finally stock this cult product via Shop Serendipity Ave for $14 (30ml perfect tor trialing or for traveling) and $23 (75ml) plus FREE shipping.
Look no further this baby is the answer to all your beauty issues.

Thank you so much for reading – Love X Nami

Weleda Skin Food New Zealand




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