Meet Julia Matthews From Julia & Libby

Meet Julia Matthews; one half of the sister duo Julia & Libby.

Recently having moved back to New Zealand after living abroad for several years, we chat to Julia about life and future projects with her sister Libby. Currently they have  their second cook book in the oven (see what we did there, food pun ha) so Julia talks to us about being a strong ambassador for living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle through food and exercise.

This all round bad ass bitch inspires us daily, we can honestly say she has a heart of gold. You know when you meet someone that you just click with? That’s Julia….

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How was ‘Julia and Libby’ the brand born? Libby was studying Nutrition and I was studying Business. At the time I was vegetarian and would create recipes to suit my dietary needs (as everyone else in my family ate meat).  Friends would ask for the recipes so instead of always typing them out, I put them up on a Tumblr site. From there we started up a Facebook page to link the blogs for friends and the page started attracting an audience.  The rest is history! Never ever thought I would be doing what I am right now and do not take it for granted.

Julia Matthews from Julia and Libby on Serendipity Ave influential fashion blog from australiasia with libby matthews

Who is your biggest inspiration?
I get asked this a lot and never have an answer. There isn’t anyone I really look up to. I would say I am inspired to be a better person and help others, to be successful and set a future up for myself that is full of happiness and gives me the ability to tick off my bucket list.
Quote to live by?
People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel
Favourite snack/current food obsession?
Tom and Luke Peanut Butter & Cacao Snack Balls, Kombucha (I really need to start making it as I spend a small fortune on buying the stuff every week!) and Sushi from &Sushi which I order just about everyday on UberEATS.
Julia Matthews from Julia and Libby on Serendipity Ave influential fashion blog from australiasia fitness
Favourite restaurant?
Ostro which is in Auckland, their new Winter menu is phenom! Also can’t go past Prego, because Pasta!
Song on repeat?
Anything by Logic
Something you would have told your younger self?
Don’t worry so much about what other people think of you.
Have you had any roadblock failures or ‘fuck this’ moment? And How did you overcome it?
Gosh yes! It’s been challenging living in different countries, having to commute back and forward, add in study and life in general, there have been a few times we have both thought what the hell are we doing.  We overcome any roadblocks by giving each other a pep talk. Also my best friend Anna is the best person to speak to when I have any moments of self doubt, she is my voice of reason and I would be totally lost without her.
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Julia, you live in Auckland whilst Libby is based in Jo-burg, how do you guys keep in touch?
Facetime, Whatsapp, Snapchat… we talk every single day, several times a day.
One thing no-one knows about you!
I am an undercover physics geek.
What’s a girlboss moment you had recently?
We just submitted the manuscript to our second recipe book.
You guys always look super stylish, where do you look for inspiration?
Instagram. I don’t have much time to shop and NZ really needs to step up its game when it comes to fashion, so I buy most of my wardrobe online from Australian brands that I follow on IG.  Also helps that we are ambassadors for Stirling Sports as I get to rock around in the latest active wear.
Julia Matthews from Julia and Libby on Serendipity Ave influential fashion blog from australiasia best friends
What would be one fashion tip for our readers?
Cant say I am the best person to ask for fashion tips as I just wing it half the time. Be confident!
Any future projects?

Lib and I are working on a new brand which is taking forever to launch, but we want it to be perfect so are being patient.  Very excited for the next project as I thrive on being busy and doing 20 things at once is how I roll.

 You can check out her website Julia & Libby here and stalk her personal Instagram here.

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