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Mama used to say: “Girl, you must surround yourself with the dreamers, the believers, the doers, the cheerful and the encouraging. People that hold their heads towards the clouds but keep their feet firmly on the ground”

When we met Pam and Mel from Harlow Rose, a NZ based clothing label, we fell in love with their attitude towards empowering women in everyday life. We knew straight away, their Mama’s must have had some great advice for these Badgals too!

Because other women are not our competition. We stand with them, not against them.

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What inspired you to create the women’s wear label HR?
WOMAN!! We had a passion for design & creating – and we always knew we wanted to have a label, So the idea was born to create a label that was more than just beautiful clothes but a movement that could lift woman and remind them just how powerful they  really are.
Every aspect will be designed with our HR girls in mind from the fit, the fabric choices down to the fine details, to create a collection that will make you feel like the amazing woman that you are!     Our first official collection for SS15/16 is due to launch this year so keep an eye out!
What are the 3 best tips you can give young girls growing up?
Firstly surround yourself with positive people, having positive, supportive relationships with family & your girls can get you through anything.
If you are interested in something no matter what it is, go at it full speed, embrace it, love it & put your whole heart & soul into it.
And being kind is one of the most powerful & beautiful qualities a woman can have.
Who is/ who are your daily BadGal Inspo?
Our daily badgal inspiration is any woman who is strong and goes after her dreams from the amazing NZ girls we see on our Facebook & Instagram to all the empowering woman throughout history who have paved the way and shared their strength and beauty with the rest of us.
Just to name a few:
Maya Angelou – for the beautiful old soul that she is
Rihanna – the fearless attitude and confidence
Christine Centenera – her eye for style, She is impeccable!
Beyoncé – her fierce determination
What is your all time favourite quote to live by?
We are absolute quote addicts as you can tell from our Instagram & Facebook.  There is so much power behind every quote and they inspire us every day to be the woman we want to be. One of our all time favourites for its simple approach to life would be
“Embrace your journey, Be true to yourself and exceed expectation”
You can shop the Badgals Tee and the Mesh Crop on their brand new website www.harlowroselabel.co.nz 

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