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Out comes the sun and out comes the summer colours. FINNNALLLYYYYY.
We are loving this cute wee Australian brand that we got on board Shop Serendipity Ave.
How did we find them? The way we usually find anything new of course… through Instagram lol.
We just had to get them onboard they just bring a certain sense of fun and style with their pieces. Remember this top?

We are so lucky to be able to offer exclusive brands to you guys like Interval and now Hello Parry. There shouldn’t be any of those “bitch stole my look” moments as they are only available in New Zealand via our store yaaaas.

Love always N + P xx

Pascale and Nami fashion bloggers

Red Babydoll dress via shop serendipity ave

Pascale and Nami online b

Rose shop serendipity ave

Shop serendipity ave fashion online boutique

Floral doorways via serendipity ave

Pascale serendipity ave fashion boutique nz

Blue and red shop serendipity ave dress

Black dress babydoll via serendipity ave

Quotes via serendipity ave

Pascale wearing fashion Hello Parry

Pascale shop serendipity ave NZ fashion boutique

Nami fashion Hello Parry online boutique

Celine Copenhagen inspiration via serendipity aveInspiration Serendipity AveNami and Pascale fashion bloggers store

 Nami is wearing the Dara Babydoll Tunic Dress in size M and Pascale is wearing the Wilma Wrap Fringe Dress in size M.

Shop now via Shop Serendipity Ave.

Pics via Ryan’s Daughter Photography and Serendipity Ave

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