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Skin Food

Weleda Skin Food New Zealand

The creme that fixes all! Like, all in terms of beauty problems… but who knows this magical creme could also be the answer for other heartaches? Don’t take my word for it though! However, what you can take my word for is, that this magical little iconic green tube will change your life. It is…

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Nami Serendipity Ave new Zealand

Nami and Pascale wearing Love, b silk dresses from Australian label. Check their blogpost to read about why loving yourself is the answer to all.

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You Can Sit With Us

New Zealand fashion blogger Nami and Pascale talk about why supporting each other will only be beneficial for you. Outfit is from young Dunedin designer Jessica Leigh and watches are by Samuel Levi SL Collection.

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A message to your true self

Estee Lauder Double Wear Nude Serendipity Ave New Zealand

Follow my blog with Bloglovin In a world where you can be anything, be YOU. We have teamed up with the babes at Estee Lauder, to introduce you to their new foundation Double Wear Nude Water Fresh. A take on their cult product Double Wear. The Double Wear Nude foundation is a light to medium…

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Ready Steady – Hens Night

Nami Hampe Fashion Blogger Serendipity Ave

It’s about that time of the year: party/wedding season! This year I actually got married myself. So the most important question which is more important than ever, let’s face it is “What do I wear?” After finding the wedding dress of my dreams, I needed to find the perfect hens outfit too. It had to…

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