Your guide to mixing high & low end Fashion

Hey babes! It has been a minute.

If you have been following us over the last week you will know how much of a busy one it was and wanted to thank everyone for voting for us for the Miss FQ influencer award for Fashion and The Supreme Award – still pinching ourselves.

Actually, as they presented the fashion award to us on stage we heard Sally-Ann Mullin mention how we are admired for our ability to mix high end and low-end fashion.

We both love styling and the key to a good mix is that you really don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to look LUXE. As the saying goes “Money doesn’t always buy you style and class”. You have got to learn to spend wisely.

So what is the perfect recipe for mixing high & low whilst managing to be the most stylish lady in the room? Well, no guarantees but try these tips out first.

Disclaimer: For the sake of explanation, we consider “Low End” to be $0-$300 and “High End/Designer” to be $600+

  1. Shop high end for your classic pieces. Think about items in your wardrobe that will go with what you already have. If it is your first high end/designer piece, think black or white. These tones will go with EVERYTHING and make your $50 dress look like it’s $500
  2. Shop low end for your less classic pieces and fast fashion items.  That way once the trend leaves, you don’t have to feel sorry that you blew a week’s pay on it. You can move on knowing it served it’s purpose!
  3. Find your fashion formula. Whether its denim, blazers or statement dresses – whatever works for you stick to it and make it your STYLE VIBE. Do not hesitate in investing in a good JUST FOR YOU item as you will get lots of wear out of it.
  4. Imitate luxe without spending the dollar. When you are shopping for your everyday low end pieces, try going for fabrics that mimic luxe without the price tag – think classic linens, quality satin. Avoid, avoid, avoid items that will pill and cheap cotton fabrics that won’t stand the test of time. Places like Zara and H&M do low-mid end items really well at a good price.
  5. Think about wear vs worth. When buying high end/designer, think about how much wear you will get out of an item. Bags, jackets and shoes generally get the most wear for cost as they are items that are ‘add ons’ to your core outfit. Those are items you should invest in.  Items like dresses and tops are better spent on low end.  Unless it is a special occasion and you just want to #TREATYOSELF – try and stick to this guideline.  Also, do not rule out renting as an option to feed your urges to splurge on dresses or tops. Try from our faves like Designer Wardrobe (in New Zealand) or (Something Borrowed in Australia).

Just remember, you don’t need to be rich to dress well. You just have to be smart and know how to spend your money.

 A few great places we love to find the high:

  1. My Theresa
  2. Farfetch
  3. Net-A-Porter
  4. Nordstrom
  5. David Jones

A few great places we find the low:

  1. Shop Serendipity Ave
  2. Revolve
  3. H&M
  4. Zara

If you ever wondered how we afford luxe items, have a look at this blog post here

Nami and Pascale Fashion Influencer Serendipity Ave

Nami and Pascale Fashion Influencer Serendipity Ave

Nami and Pascale Fashion Influencer Serendipity Ave

Nami and Pascale Fashion Influencer Serendipity Ave

Nami and Pascale Fashion Influencer Serendipity Ave

Nami and Pascale Fashion Influencer Serendipity Ave

Nami is wearing a Balenciaga denim jacket & sneakers. Skirt is Shop Serendipity Ave.

Pascale is wearing an Acne leather jacket, Adidas sneakers and a dress from Shop Serendipity Ave

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