Winter is Ok

Summer is over (mah hart … mah soul) and Winter is coming. This can be sad I know, we are both true summer lovers and the very thought of winter is giving us more of a heartache than any boy could ever give.

So, the other day when I was driving to work jamming that car heater on 30 degrees I thought: hang on, there must be some pro’s about the fact that Winter is coming, so this is what I came up with:

  1. Your skin will get a break – Having a tan is cool but the damage it does to your skin is not. Think of winter as a few months of giving your skin time to recover from all the harsh sun rays you exposed it to during those hot summer days. I love to change my beauty regime slightly in winter and invest in heavier more nourishing cremes to really treat the skin.
  2. Red red wine – There is something about red wine in winter. It’s comforting, it’s rewarding and it’s a lot healthier than it’s white brother that we over indulge in when the days are hotter.
  3. Buy yourself a new warm jacket – And also treat yourself to a nice one! Trust me it will make a huge difference! Whenever you put it on you will instantly feel good about life! Don’t believe me? Pascale recently bought herself the jacket of her dreams and couldn’t wear it in summer as it was too hot! Now that the days are getting cooler she literally wears it everywhere with the biggest smile on her face whenever she puts it on! These things matter – they will get you through winter.
  4. New season – New hair – Who this? – Changing your hair colour is like injecting a new vibe into life. It inspires me to wear clothes I haven’t worn in like forever, and now that I’m blonde I am loving the blue colours, it looks so good.
  5. Time to slow down (a little) – With the festive season coming to an end, winter is the perfect time to start a DIY project. I’m looking at renovating a room in my house where we can film YouTube videos, hang out and just generally make it more “Instagrammable” – is that a word?#doitforthegram

Call me delusional but these things really helped me overcome my summer time sadness and I hope they will help you too!

Thank you as always for reading xx

Love, Nami

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Serendipity Ave New Zealand Fashion Influencer

Pascale serendipity ave how to dress for your shape knufferman dress crean

Pascale serendipity ave how to dress for your shape knufferman dress

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