What’s Really On Our Iphone’s

“You spend waaayy to much time on your phone!” Yep bet you get this too? Well, let’s face it where would we be without our phones. We would like to think that we would be dropping in to see our friends un-announced, just to see if they were at home…ahhh the good old days.

Over the years, we have learn’t that being a blogger comes with some heavy baggage and luckily most of them are all downloadable and available from your app store. To answer some of the questions we get through our DM’s about tools we use, we thought we would bring you the full version of what is on our (I)phone’s.

What phone do you use? We both currently have the Iphone 8 Plus.

Our Most Used Favourite Apps. Note: Most are photo or blogging related….

New Zealand popular blogger nami and Pascale

Kira Kira – 

This app has been making the rounds on bloggers news feeds all over the world. It even makes chicken grease look fancy. Trust us, we tried it on our KFC. You NEED it! Totally worth the $1.50!!!


The app we use for our photos! We love editing them with VSCO it has become so easy for us to edit photos via mobile we barely use Lightroom anymore! Our favorite filters are C2 for that vintage warmth and P5 for instant dramatic vibes for our photos.


When you wanna plan your Insta feed and you indecisive AF. You can preload captions, move your photo’s around to see what works best. Especially when you take 10000 pictures and you want to share them all, at least align them first mmmkay?

Snapseed –

We use this baby when we want to add a little bit of grain to our images. Tip: If you want the grainy effect on your pictures, turn the filter right down and just use the grain.

Insta, FB and Twitter –

Our most used apps by far and the main reason our phones die halfway through the day. We check Instagram at least 10 times a day and also our Facebook page personally. A lot of bloggers have a social media assistant to manage their feeds, not us. If you get a reply, it’s from one of us!

Also don’t over estimate the Instagram filters, try adding it to your pics before upload and click on the picture whilst adding it to adjust the intensity of the filter.

Les Mills Gym –

That love hate relationship of an app! It sends you cheeky reminders about up and coming classes and reminds you if you haven’t been for a while (shame!). It’s super handy and for you guys that go to Les Mills the incorporated scanner code in the app means you don’t need your physical scanner to access the gym, you just scan your phone so it’s one less thing to worry about in life – because that’s what apps are for right?

Shopify –

CHA-CHING!!! This app is how we manage our online store Shop Serendipity Ave and it has been a app must have, it even earned it’s way to the frequent panel on our phone. That sound of $$$ 😀

It notifies us whenever we make a sale and gives us important information about our customer base (you guys)! Overnight express deliveries wouldn’t be possible without this hard working app, so if you have a business consider using Shopify or if you do DOWNLOAD THIS APP.

Trello – 

This is one of the most frequently asked questions, “How do you manage everything with your blog, the shop and your photography business?” One word : LIFECHANGER! Think of this app as your digitalised diary. You enter tasks, assign them to people (by people I mean Pascale or myself) and even set alerts once tasks have been completed. It’s super easy keep a track of what needs to be done and what has been done! We personally prioritise each board as a day and map out our week so we can see what we have on. It’s an absolute must have for busy bees and we could not manage our busy life’s without it!

Designer Wardrobe App –

This app has been on our phone for years, through all the updates and now the app refresh, we feel like we have grown with this app lol. Unless you have been living under a rock for the last 5 years of your life, no doubt you have used the app or this website. When you need some quick cash – list it online! Need to look fab for an upcoming event – hire something! All from the palm of your hands *Dr. Evil laugh*


Those photos that never made it onto social media, those photo’s that you don’t want people to see, those ones you store in that special “sabotage folders” on our phone! The real reason we can never be not friends, we just know too much. Sorry not appropriate to share here, but instead here are cute photo’s of our dogs.

Augustus the british bull dog

Willie and Tui the Pugs on Serendipity Ave

Makeup Alley –

For all you make up lovers out there that get sucked into the fads and glamourous marketing  (like we do) this app is a must.  Do you sometimes wonder if the beauty products you want really make your skin glow like Gigi Hadid? Well real girls (and guys) all around the world will tell you, in total honesty. One of the coolest things about the app that we LOVE is the reviews come with the reviewers skin type and their age. It’s like a personal assistant trying it out so you don’t have to waste that $90, here’s to saving in 2018.

Trade Me –

Simply because everyone loves a lunch time furniture auction. Shout out to our NZ readers, you know what we are talking about! Amen.

What are the apps that you are digging? Let us know, sharing is caring babe.

New Zealand popular blogger nami and Pascale

New Zealand popular blogger nami and Pascale

New Zealand popular blogger nami and Pascale

New Zealand popular blogger nami and Pascale

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