Top 5 Programmes On NEON Where The Fashion Is So On Point

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The other night, we jumped into our sweatpants, ate some naughty food and binge watched a few programs on NEON all “in the name of research”.  It was totally worth it and we thought we would bring you our Top 5 programs we have seen where the fashion deserves it’s own mention…

Love always Xx


1.The Intern – Movie

the intern on fashion blog serendipity ave nz

Maybe it’s just the thought of Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada that automatically makes us think she’s stylish but she kills it with the power dressing in this movie. Plus we love a good movie about a #girlboss and did we mention her million dollar smile?

2. The Royals (Series)Royals on fashion blog serendipity ave

There’s something about British dressing that we love. The extravagant parties and not to mention the amazing outfits. Yaass queen. Also a mention really does need to go out to the guys and their suits, Prince William’s style reminds us a little of Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl. Have we mentioned that Elizabeth Hurley is the queen in this show? That alone is worth a stream right? Eik had to add this image here because it doesn’t get any more iconic than Hurley in Versace dress.

3. Reign (Series)

Reign Series on fashion blog serendipity ave

The stunning Adelaide Kane… what a freaking babe. As the series is based in France, they have styled everyone so on point for the era. 1550 never looked better! Two words… Them gowns. That’s all.

4. The Danish Girl (Movie)

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We have always loves the 20’s era of fashion. The changes in fashion, the huge influence of Paris designers like Patou, Molyneux, Chanel, Lanvin and Vionnet which cannot be underestimated. The 1920’s was a fashion revolution! What we love, that to this day, the 1920’s is still a big influence on everyday fashion.

5. Project Runway (Series)

project runway on fashion blog serendipity ave

Pretty self explanatory right? We can never wait to see the end result so we always fast forward to the runway show at the end hehe. This one really gets a mention because Season 14 shows Auckland designer Duncan Chambers-Watson. There’s nothing cooler than one of our own doing big things. And Heidi Klum is German and Nami is a big fan she feels like someone else with that accent is like music to her ears >.<

Neon promo image for fashion blog serendipity ave

You can catch all of these shows on NEON right now. Let us know one of your favorite shows/movies where you loved the fashion so we can watch them too!

Photo’s via NEON, Tumblr and Serendipity Ave.

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