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One thing about the internet is that “there is so much noise”. What do you believe? What is sponsored? Which products do influencers or bloggers on social media genuinely love, use till the end or re-buy?

I feel you babes! It can be so hard to conquer through the consumer jungle and trust in word of mouth when there is so much input out there. I thought I would put together a list of products that I absolutely swear by and stand behind!
Those beauty products I do re-buy whenever they are empty. It truly is love!

I hope this blog post will help you to cancel out any noise and take my word that these products have truly changed my life:

Frank Body Glow Mask – I use this baby before I apply makeup before special occasions such as events, social occasions or photo shoots. I chuck it on in the morning and leave it for 10-30 min depending on how busy I am. It gives your skin that youthful glow and smells absolutely delicious. Available here

ORA Pure Hair Skin Nails – I first tried this product through a generous PR gift and I am hooked ever since. This product is New Zealand made and whenever they restock these magic pills they sell out within hours. I signed up to their newsletter so I never miss out as the thought of this gives me anxiety sweats. I take 2 pills a day and it has worked wonders especially with my nails, they grow crazy fast now and are so strong.  Available here

Weleda Skin Food – Haha I must sound like an old record. I LOVE this magic cream. I even wrote a whole blog post on it, click here to read why this creme is a must have in your beauty cupboard. Available here

Kiehls Vitamin C Serum – I love serums! I think out of all beauty products I believe serums are the one products that make the main difference when it comes to the appearance of your skin texture. I love when I use this product my skin starts to tingle, its as if you can feel the active ingredients working its magic. Available here

MAC Real Glow Highlighter Palette – You know I love the glow! Since I’ve been using this palette I have been getting so many compliments for my makeup, it’s easy to build up and you can create a natural glow to a more “extra” look for a night out. Available here 

Lush Body Conditioner – One word: life-changing! I have such dry skin and TBH am quite lazy to hydrate every time I shower! My solution is this tub. It smells like exotic rose gardens and I can’t get over how hydrating it is for days! Available here

Ecoya French Pear Candle –  Ok not a beauty product but I am obsessed. This is what my house smells like when I haven’t burned my dinner again lol! Candle on and relax knowing everything is going to be alright. Pascale loves this candle too, it’s our signature candle of choice and so worth every hard earned penny. Available here

I would LOVE to know your fav products! Please leave me a comment or send us an email!

Thank you as always for reading, lots of love always Nami xx

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