Skincare in your 30s

Skincare has always been a huge part of my life and I believe the reason why so many people can’t believe that I’m thirty is thanks to my mums anti ageing cremes that I used to steal when I was still living at home and her constant reminder to wear sunscreen, even in Winter!
And that was when I was living in more ozone blessed countries such as Japan and Germany!

Fact is : the New Zealand sun will ***uck up your skin. I’ve noticed that my skin has been damaged by the sun a lot more than it used to be and my main focus when it comes to skin care these days are fixing sun damage as well as the prevention of fine lines! So if this is something that concerns you too, congratulations you may continue reading but if your blessed with angel skin that is just here to judge my aggressive sun spots I might kindly ask you to leave RN.

Here are the main things I do and look out for when making skin care purchases!

Antioxidant Get on/in my body
Antioxidants, such as vitamin C, help fight off the free radicals that accelerate wrinkling. They also help with reducing inflammation and help minimise breakout related redness plus they can help soften sun spots. I also like to drink lemon water every day as skin care starts from the inside out and it really helps me to get that brightened look.


But its not even sunny outside, let me stop you right there, there is no BUT when it comes to using sunscreen. Just do it, using an SPF of at least 30 daily will protect you from getting sun spots as well as keep pimple scars from darkening. I love my KI sunscreen as its never oily and perfectly light weight to be worn underneath make up or by itself.


If you battled with dry skin in your 20s, I’m sorry to inform you that dryness is even more common now. I need a hard working moisturiser on hand, I’m excited to try the Murad Essential C Moisturisers. I’ve tried their toner and serum and give them a 10/10 by far one of the best products I’ve gotten my hands on to.

Honestly, Truly, Nami x

Skincare advice for in your thirties

Skincare advice for in your thirties

Skincare advice for in your thirties

Skincare advice for in your thirties

Skincare advice for in your thirties

Skincare advice for in your thirties

Skincare advice for in your thirties

I never knew about these things before I went to Caci myself. But I like to leave it to them as they put me on a skin care plan that was especially created to treat my problem areas! All products are available at Caci clinics nationwide.

One thing less to worry about in life and that is #winningatlife!


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