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A few of you babes have been sliding into our DM’s asking about our new skin care regime so I thought I would gather it all into one blogpost to share with you all. This blogpost is very raw and honest for me, truth be told I have always battled with my skin. It is a down right temperamental asshole at times. Somewhat similar to a 5 year old throwing a tantrum when a new product comes in close contact or the burger that my partner is eating just looks at my skin, I break out.

About a month ago, I have signed up to the Skin Care Health Plan with Caci Clinic. So I am told by Tacey my facialist, my skin is of the Oily/Combination type which is code word for “You will never catch me in the arvo make up free unless I have powdered my face first cause it’s shiny AF”. Dammmn. Unless you are blessed with skin of an angel disclaimer – I totally ain’t – the way to achieve amazing skin is to get some freaking help. I totally understand different things work for different people but as I have been getting asked on Instagram to make a post about my new skin care routine, here it is.


before photo Pascale Baker Skin(this is unedited, eek look at that asshole skin, I am even wearing make up here)


after photo Pascale Skin(One month into my Caci Skin Care plan, no filter, no make up)




Morning & Night:

Cleanse. Ki  – Oil Control Cleanser.

Double cleanse your face, especially if you are wearing make up.

Morning & Night:

Tone. Murad – Essential C Toner

 Either spray directly onto your face from about 20cms away or 3 pumps into a cotton pad + wipe your face.

Morning & Night:

Treatment Gel 1. Murad – Acne Clearing Gel.

This is a life saver. Like wow. If you have bad acne or just small bumps. GET. IT. NOW.

Morning & Night:

 Treatment Gel 2. Murad – Recovery Treatment Gel.

Once gel 1 has soaked in. Apply this one directly after.

Morning & Night:

Moisturise. Ki – Oil Control Moisturiser.

A small amount goes a long way.

Morning Only.

Sunscreen. Ki – Sunscreen SPF30+

*Tip – Make sure each layer is dry to touch before adding your next layer. It’s not science but I like to think it’s working this way rather than mixing it all together.

Night Only.

 . Evil Skin Tool. The Derma Roller. 0.3mm

Caci Clinic Hamilton New Zealand Skin care journey

This is something we have been getting asked about quite a lot so here we go. I use the Derma Roller once a day at night for 4 minutes, and can I just say. LIFE CHANGER. He is a medieval looking little tool but never has my skin glowed like this. Better late then never right?

Use the Derma Roller by going back and forth in different directions all over the face with the roller which is covered in micro needles. You are pricking the top layer of you skin which is forcing the skin to repair itself. Think of it like this – when you cut your finger, your body needs to work hard to heal the injury by replacing it with fresh new skin boosting the collagen and elastin. Without imperfections. The same concept applies to your skin when you use this tool, but way less dramatic sounding.

Start in this sequence:

1 minute, 1 x a week

2 minutes, 2 x a week

3 minutes, 3 x a week

4 minutes, ERRRDAY

I am also having at least one facial per month at Caci Clinic which is all apart of the Skin Health Plan. Depending on what I need at the time, I let Tacey decide. She’s the guru – not me.Read more about the Skin Care Health Plan here. And remember guys, it’s ok to ask for help. I highly recommend if you need a little magic worked on your skin, to go in for a skin consult. They are free this month of June, facials are fun and the girls there are so honest and real.

Caci Clinic Hamilton New Zealand Skin care journey

Caci Clinic Hamilton New Zealand Skin care journey


  1. Johanna on April 4, 2018 at 8:15 pm

    Hey ! I have just signed up for a treatment plan at Caci, I see you posted this last year! How has your skin been since? Was the caci plan worth the money?

    • Pascale Baker on April 5, 2018 at 9:00 am

      Hi Johanna! My skin since I started the Caci plan has been amazing. I would say the best thing that has helped improve my skin is using products that work for my skin type and keeping strictly to a routine – even when I’m feeling lazy lol. I still to this day use those exact same products and I have no breakouts.

      The facials are a necessity for me which I go every 4 weeks to have one done just to reset my skin, however the Ki and Murad products I have been using are the heros. Hoppe that helps!

  2. Tina on October 4, 2018 at 7:50 pm

    Hi! How much did your treatment cost in total? Will have a consultation with Caci next week.

    • Pascale Baker on October 5, 2018 at 8:10 am

      Hi babe!
      Not sure in total exactly as we have other treatments we pay off. I believe the skin health car plan (the facials – we got 15 for the year) is around $25 a week. Hope your consult goes well, it will change your life <3 xx

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