Party Ready With Eithne Curran

On the morning before the Laneways Festival we pre-booked ourselves into Eithne’s Party Ready service.

Arriving at around 9am, we were greeted into her beautiful studio with champagne and cheese. Now that’s our kind of a lady right there! Once we got talking to Eithne, it was so refreshing to get to know her. We feel like we have known her for years!

Eithne’s Party-Ready service includes a hair wash and treatment using Eithne’s luxe natural haircare range (she developed herself), skin prep and treatment, full hair and makeup styling, and nail shape and paint all for $150.

We put all our trust into her to transform us to be festival ready. After a couple of hours’ private pampering, we left looking like what we like to call a ‘hotter version’ of ourselves, keeping the make up and hair so true to our style. Eithne just gets it and we left knowing we had made a life long friend.

 You can also check out our interview with the girlboss herself HERE.

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We are giving away a Serendipity Ave x Eithne Curran gift pack. With hair care from her range Eithne Curran which includes shampoo, conditioner and a treatment along with a pair of statement earrings from our online boutique Shop Serendipity Ave to get you feeling party ready.

See our Instagram for details how to enter. (this will be published on the 5th of February 2017)

Meet Eithne Curran in our interview HERE

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