My Morning and Night Beauty Routine

Here is a quick blog post about what I do on the daily to look after my skin.

The funny thing is my skin is better now in my early 30s than it was in my mid-20s, so I thought I quickly put together what I have been doing for the last 3 years. You can use this as a rough guide.


1. Wash face with water only – if you have oily skin use a face wash.
2. Use a toner, this is to neutralize your skin’s PH level.
3. Skin Correcting Serum ( I love the Murad Rapid Age Spot Correcting Serum)
4. Eye Cream (try to find one that is sensitive and has a built-in SPF, your eye area is very sensitive and needs extra care)
5. SPF 50 every day even in Winter (I love the Murad, Shiseido and Skin Smith ones)
6. Eye Lash Serum (Revitalash or Flash Lash)

I try to be make up free as much as I can.


1. Wash my face with a mild face wash, and exfoliate every 3 days
2. I use a face mask 2x a week, I love sheet masks
3. Eye Cream (Retinol based, only at night)
4. Night Cream sometimes I use oils here when I feel extra dry.

I also use the Eco tan tanning water every 3 days to maintain a healthy tan.

Lastly, IMPORTANT! Drink yo water babes 3-4 litres minimum! It will make a huge difference in your skins overall appearance and its free!!!

Nami Shadbolt talks about skin care in her 30s

Nami Shadbolt talks about skin care in her 30s

Nami Shadbolt talks about skin care in her 30s

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