My Loose Guide To Dressing When Pregnant

Hi babes! Pascale here. I have been meaning to write this blog post for a while but as the bump hasn’t really come out until recently, I didn’t feel like I was the best person to give advice on how to dress while your pregnant.

See I was wearing all my normal jeans right up until 6 months and I literally woke up one morning to discover nothing fit me. It was like someone put all my jeans in the dryer for 3 hours and now there is no going back… I guess I was delirious in the fact that I would have time to transition, buy bigger clothes and take my time buying nice new things. NOPE. So for the last 2 weeks I have been wearing the baggiest things I own in my wardrobe till I could buy these new jeans.

If you are pregnant as well, congratulations! Let’s vow to each other we can still feel great and look great without going from our normal wardrobe straight to sweatpants-city.

So here are my tips:

  1.  Don’t be quick to discard the pieces you already have and go out and buy a whole new preggo-wardrobe. Take time to go through your wardrobe and only put aside what definitely won’t work for you or is too tight fitting right now. You want to keep items such as layering pieces, cardi’s, blazers, denim jackets and baggy t-shirts – these are all things you should still be able to wear. That way you know what you have to work with for the next few months.
  2. Buy up a size in the brands you love and cut the tag out. Makes sense right? You already know the fit of the brand, so why can’t you still wear them even though they don’t do a maternity range? A couple brands I really love are Bec & Bridge, Miss Crabb and Realisation Par and they all go up to a XL/XXL as well as being roomy in their dresses and tops.
  3. Invest in a couple of wrap and knit dresses. I have said it before, and I will say it again. Wrap dresses and knit dresses are LIIIIFFE. They should be a wardrobe staple and are so versatile as you can layer them with knits and cardigans in the winter, wear them with sandals in the summer. Tip: Change the look up by wearing a t-shirt over the top. That way it turns into a super chic maxi skirt. Also wrap dresses are just so flattering on if you are curvy or not and will be super easy to loosen as the bump grows. I have this one here from Nice Martin which I wear every second day.
  4.  Get some ‘uniform’ basics. For the days where you just CBF and feel a like it is a little easier to have an outfit formula. Think black jeans, a white and a black t-shirt and a nice jacket. Be sure to invest in basic colours so that you can have them on rotation and no one will tell. Places like Bassike, Asos and Glassons do some great pieces you can work into your everyday.
  5. Branch out into you BF’s wardrobe. Men have some cool pieces you can steal… trust me. I have Vinnie’s oversized white dress shirt as well as some of his Vintage tee’s that I already have my eyes on. I’m waiting for my new ‘mom’ jeans to arrive and they will go just perfectly, thanks babe!

So, I will leave you here with my personal wishlist of things I want to buy for myself. K Bye.

what to wear when you are pregant and still want to be stylish

The Amelia Dress – Realisation Par

what to wear when pregnant to still look stylish

The Teale – Realisation Par

paloma top on what to wear whilst pregnant

The Monaco Shirt – The Bare Roadoveralls on what to wear whilst pregnant

The Cannes Overall – The Bare Road

the ruby rust dress on what to wear whilst pregnant

The Ruby Rust Dress – Shop Serendipity Ave




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