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We’re pretty sure everyone that is about to read this Girlboss interview has heard of Nyne the label before and if you haven’t you are in for a sweet surprise. This independent, New Zealand women’s wear label oozes moodiness with a hard sense of street style. Their bold cuts and over sized fit speak volumes, created only using the most luxurious fabrics, you won’t regret investing your money to stock your wardrobe with those “NEED” items. One of the top thing we love about Nyne is that you can always trust in the quality of their pieces. Hell yes you can!


Our obsession with Nyne the label started way back in the day, while Pascale and I were still studying together. Their store  “The White Room” once was located right next to the uni campus and we both used to be frequent visitors of their store, trying to scrape together those dollars to get a dress or top to share.


Today Nyne is based at the Mount and we continue enjoy to work with the entire team!
So let’s get close and cozy with Tina, Co-owner of Nyne the Label.

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What was the defining moment when you first started your business? What made you start Nyne the Label?

nyne label

When we started NYNE back in 2004, we we’re all at a cross road in terms of where to move next in our careers. NYNE was created out of the want to be our own bosses and do something that we loved.

Originally we set up Tripod creative Ltd as an umbrella company, which would offer both graphic and fashion design.
The clothing side soon took over and before we new it we had a clothing label!!
The first defining moment was in our first season, we sent out a teaser package to potential stores, we weren’t sure if anyone would want to view our collection? But out of the 10 stores we approached, all 10 viewed the collection and all 10 placed orders! At this moment I think I realized that this could really happen! We now stock to almost 40 stores in NZ + 30 in Australia.

What other women in your life inspire you?
I’m surrounded by creative inspiring women in business!
To have a successful business and be a parent is a huge struggle of balance…..
Since having my son 2 years ago I’ve become so much more aware of how hard this is to achieve!! Total adoration for mums in business!

Nyne the Label New ZealandWhat does a typical day in the life of Tina look like?
My day never looks the same from one day to the next while I’m at work, so today it looked like this!

7am – 9am
Morning wake up routine.. dressing and feeding Mr 2 year old comes with a few challenges…. Daycare drop off then a coffee stop!

9:30am – 1pm
We’re currently getting production under way for the upcoming W17 collection so this can vary a lot depending on what is most urgent. We’re also designing our S17-18 collection, so some mornings are spent working with our Designer Jacque, viewing fabrics or new concepts. Selecting what styles will make it in to the next collection.

Lunch !! My two favorite spots are either Rising Tide for Johnny’s dumpling house which is dangerously close to work…or a grassy spot at the beach in the sun!

2:30pm – 5pm
More production planning and communication. All our production is done in NZ, so we work really close with our production people.

5:30 – 7:30pm
My favorite time of the day! I get to see my boy and hear all about his day. Cook dinner and hang out with my family.
Being 25 weeks pregnant I’m pretty shattered at the end of a day, but I’m lucky to have a great husband who cooks most nights.

8pm – 10:30
Once the little ones in bed its down time for us!

Do you have a life motto and if so what is it?
I’ve always believed if you beat your own drum your tribe will follow – I’m very lucky to be surrounded by beautiful people, some are old friends some are new friends but I feel like I’ve found my tribe!

What is your favourite snack?
Almonds and chocolate!

What are 3 things you would do if you had unlimited resources?

Travel every 6 months for a month with my husband and kids, move my sisters closer so we could see each other at least once a week + build our dream home.

What is something nobody knows about you?
That would be telling!

What has been your first roadblock/failure and how did you overcome it?
There’s been many road block’s in our 12 years in business, some have been bigger than others. Communication is the key to everything. I’m lucky I’m in business with 2 very level headed people, so we can generally work our way through most things one way or another.

Nyne the Label New Zealand Fashion DesignerHow do you keep current within the fashion industry?

Keeping current for us is more about knowing who our market is than what is on trend!
We like to know what the current trends are, but it’s not something that we focus design around.

Our collections are really consciously designed, we think about who would wear certain styles, why they would wear these items and try to tailor these looks to suit.
We get great feedback about the longevity of our collections.

If you could tell your younger self something in just three words what would these be?

Trust your inner self! (3 words is to hard!!)

View our recent collaboration showcasing their new Spring and Summer collection “Imperfection” here

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