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Meet Sunniva, our latest girl boss who is leading the pack for women in business wanting to take their business and personal life to the next level. She is a Self Made Multi-Millionaire, Author of Two No.1 Best Selling Self Help books, speaker & Mindset Coach. She is well known as Queen Fire, because of her unique gift to ignite people’s inner fire and help them truly REMEMBER who they are. She is not only inspiring but she is such a humble and general sweet human being. We wanted a piece of her action so we teamed up to do an amazing giveaway over on our Instagram but in the meantime get to know the Girlboss herself below!

1. What is your current role? Well, I work for myself and have staff under me so I guess I could say CEO but that makes it sound much grander than reality, I would say! I run a personal development company that specialises in mindset and transformation. Mostly I work with women that either has their own businesses and want to take it all to the next level, or with women that want to have their own business and I help them create it from the ground up.

Sunniva Holt girlboss interview on serendipityave blog

2. What does a typical day in your life look like? I travel a lot but when I’m in Auckland it starts early, usually, I get up around 5 am to meditate, make ceremonial cacao and journal. Then I’ll usually do a bit of work on my social media and get clear on what I want to achieve that day. I have a 5-year-old daughter, she gets up about 7 am so I’ll spend some time with her and my husband, have breakfast together and go for a walk in the park before school. The rest of the day varies a lot, mostly it will be seeing clients either in person or on calls, and doing Live training in my group. I’m a write off in the evenings, I like to go to bed before 9 pm & usually  avoid working after the late afternoon to spend time with my family, cooking together and getting outside

3. Tell us about your entrepreneurial journey! Where did you start out? I started really young, was hustling since I can even remember. We never got given pocket money as kids and I was super motivated to work to get what I wanted. I bought my first property when I was 19, had a successful food blogging business for nearly 4 years, and have been full time in my current business for 3 years so have been in some kind of business most of my life but I also worked in regular jobs for some of that time.

4. What are some struggles that come with being a female leader in the industry? How do you overcome these? I don’t notice it owning the business that I do quite honestly but its very different to being in the workplace. That’s why I’m so passionate about entrepreneurship – you get to make your own rules!

Sunniva Holt girlboss interview on serendipityave blog

5. What is your advice for brands wanting to stand out with their business from your perspective? To make it as personal as possible. Personal branding is absolutely where it’s at, people want to connect with who is behind the brand – that’s what makes them buy. And its got to be real, authentic and relatable.

6. What is the common misconception people think of you? That I had it easy. I talk about my story from time to time but there are people who miss that and just assume that I was handed my success, when the reality is I have worked hard from the get-go to be where I am, been through a ton of struggles and also invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in myself over the years.

7. How would you describe your daily style? Lately it’s pretty feminine, lots of summery floral dresses. Or when I’m wanting a sharper look, its usually a sleek black dress, black Camilla stilettos and Gucci belt.

8. What is one thing that might shock people about yourself? I am a total introvert – happiest when in bed insanely early with a good book!

10. What is one expensive item you want to splurge your money on? A Tesla. I live right next door to them and I love them, but I really don’t even need a car so it can wait for now!

12. One beauty product you absolutely love! Aleph beauty makeup – it’s so good! A little pot of skin-loving makeup that blends in beautifully and is a foundation and concealer in one.

sunniva holt on serendipity ave blog by nami and pascale

13. Fave perfume? Flowerbomb by Viktor and Rolf

14. One quote you live by? There is no growth in a comfort zone.

15. Who inspires you? At the moment, Gary V and Jacinda Arden. I’m proud of NZ right now and how we’re leading the way in female leadership! Having a prime minister that can run the country while also having a baby and be on the cover of Vogue is the embodiment of female empowerment to me.

16. What would your advice be a millennial woman who isn’t sure what she wants to do career-wise? Fail forward. Don’t wait around for the perfect job to come to you, just keep taking action and try things until you find the thing that feels good. I had a lot of shitty jobs on the way to getting where I am now, and they were all stepping stones in the path.

18. What motivates you in everyday life? My mission and my vision. I am so motivated by the work I do and how transformative it is in peoples lives that I can’t wait to get out of bed most mornings.

You can check out Sunniva’s work here, and stalk her on the gram here.

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