Meet Nina from Flash Jewellery

Do you ever just wonder who is behind an amazing,  badass and inspiring label?

Serendipity Ave New Zealand Fashion Blog Flash Jewlerry New Zealand InterviewWell, we do! We have been frothing over FLASH jewellery for over a year and we are so excited to introduce the power boat behind this amazing brand: Nina Gordon. We love the clean yet attitude packed designs, like that piece of accessory that will instantly make you feel empowered and upgraded! Ha, we can all need that feeling sometimes.

Note: Our current favourite item is the Serpent Chain its a slinky, flat snake chain inspired by the 80’s and designed to look solid, how can you not fall in love with it!

So sit back and actually get ready to be totally obsessed with one of the must watch New Zealand jewellery brands.

Tell us a little about your label Flash?
Flash is to empower. Bring sass, attitude & inspiration into the everyday….Make the wearer feel flash and strong.
Because of this Flash has been featured in such publications as Australian Vogue, British Vogue, Fashion Journal Australia, Fashion Quarterly NZ and Ellèments Magazine.

What other women in your life inspire you?
So many, of course, my mum and sis – but also my old crew of Wellington friends – all go-getters and all creatives on different tangents, but we are all very support of each other doing their thing.Flash Jewellery New Zealand

What does a typical day in the life of Nina look like?
6.30 I’m up, sometimes I do yoga or go for an early morning walk, then I make up a massive amount of coffee and I’m into the day. Our office/studio is at my house, so no commute which is amazing.
Werk werk, werk, I try and keep at least one/two hours a day open to do something creative, like take photos, do a drawing or design work.. then at lunch, we get out of the house we normally go for a walk to get more coffee (we stay very caffeinated, to say the least!) then back to the office for the afternoon, post office run and procrastinating on Instagram and the day is done and dusted!

Do you have a quote to live by and if so what is it?
Naaaahhhh, I don’t. Maybe I should get one though! Hahah.

Nina Flash New Zealand Entrepreneur GirlbossWhat is your favourite snack?
Wow, hard question..for anyone that knows me, knows I’m a massive snacker. My go to is avo, gherkins and hummus on crackers or like a bacon sandwich – they joys/dangers of working from home, loads of snacking.

Current song on repeat?
Ahh probably anything of Kendricks new album #trending or ‘Got it good’ by Kaytranada

What was the defining moment when you first started your business?

Flash Happened kind of accidentally, so this moment only happened a few years back when I was interviewed by the Wireless about starting a business…. Releasing I had started a business. Oh also, hiring an accountant another ‘wow, I’m legit’ moment.

What is something nobody knows about you?
Hahah hard one, I’m a pretty open person….ummm like last night I used some new skincare can I think my eyes are swelling up…

Serendipity Ave New Zealand Fashion Blog Flash Jewlerry New Zealand InterviewWhat has been your first roadblock/failure and how did you overcome it?
Great Question. Right in the beginning when we were first approaching stores to stock Flash… a store we really looked up to gave us feedback like …your aesthetic is too overpowering / go back to the drawing board.
It was tough as Flash is an extension of myself. Also, Flash started from passion, it’s not like we woke up one day and were like, ‘lets start a jewellery label’ it was created so organically and that aesthetic is us and our identity… We did try and change few things and take this feedback on, but it felt soulless….trying to change into something that wasn’t us….it really railroaded us.
Now we only stock with people and stores we have a genuine relationship with and that are awesome. We also get feedback from our stockist which is amazing, as we completely trust them. It’s taken a while to find this balance, but I think it’s the result of having really good people around us who provide constructive feedback and want us to succeed instead of just make them money.

How do you keep current within the fashion industry?

We have a wee’s better to be trendy rather than trending – this keeps us on our toes and think about our designs. It’s also really important to us that our jewels are of the highest quality, but still accessible, which is why our collections range in price-point from $79 – $400.

If you could tell something to your younger self, what would it be?
Shut up and make decisions! It’s funny I look back now and think ‘what the f@#* are you waiting for. lol

Find out more about them at

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