Meet Pam & Mel from Harlow Rose

Do you believe in instant connection through Instagram? Yeah? So do we!

HARLOW ROSE NEW ZEALANDWe stumbled across Harlow Rose right at the start of our blogging journey; yeah those days when images where still taken with our Iphones rather than SLR cameras, lol!
What we love most about the Pam and Mel is that they are so empowering! Had a bad day? Scroll through their Instagram and you will feel instantly better! #promise!

We are delighted to share their interview with you! So come closer, push in, tell your bestie, there is room for us all to succeed. Ps. their Mesh Bralette is still a favourite to this day in both of ur wardrobes!

We adore you Pam & Mel! Keep being the inspiring girlbosses you are!

What does a typical day in the life of Pam and Mel look like?

Pam – No two days are the same one day we are in the studio creating pieces for our amazing girls then the next day is down to business and paperwork which keeps it interesting. I really enjoy finding new ways to take Harlow Rose where we want her to go & connecting with other women all over the world.

Mel – I just became a mum so it’s been a full on year learning how to navigate running a business and raising a little human, And it hasn’t been easy but having my little man join us in the studio is so much fun I hope having him watch us will instill something in him, so one day he will chase his own dreams whatever they may be.

And we love to be outside and explore nature with our fur babies

What made you decide to start Harlow Rose?

The love of creating and the power behind beautiful clothes, because the right piece can make a woman carry her head a little higher and feel like she can conquer anything. Which is why we love creating custom made pieces so much / every cut & every stitch is done by us just for that woman.

Starting Harlow Rose, have you had any roadblocks/failures and how did you overcome them?

Absolutely! We have had our fair share of failures but we use what we learn to push forward. No matter how many times you hear no or how often things go wrong if you really want something, you fight for it, It’s just a part of the journey and we didn’t expect it to be an easy one.

I AmWhat other women in your life inspire you?

Our incredible Harlow Rose gals, there’s nothing more beautiful than a woman going after her dream life. We get to dress amazing people who are off taking over the world in their own ways. We have connected some real badass women including yourselves that has to be our favorite part of Harlow Rose.

As far as women in the industry Stella McCartney is a complete goddess. Her determination to be sustainable and stop selling leather even though she was told it would never work in this industry, she continued and she has created such an innovative brand by believing in herself and her message. Stories like that are what make us in believe anything is possible

If you had unlimited resources, what would do?

We would love to grow Harlow Rose beyond just fashion and become a brand that gives back and really make a difference- Inspiring young girls and women, Protecting animals and taking care of the environment are 3 things really close to our hearts

Harlow Rose New Zealand Serendipity Ave GirlbossAnd we would love to create an environment within Harlow Rose for creative women to work and connect in a shared space, Where women from different industries can come together and inspire ideas and work together, to create magic and of course there would have to be a beautiful selection of florals, coffee and delicious food on hand at all times, and place for our fur babies! Let’s throw in a glam room while we are at it because we all work better when are feeling fab right!?

It takes a lot of energy to run a business, what is your favourite snack? (Random question but we love food haha)

Oh the love of food speaks to our soul! We try to look after ourselves as best as we can, but who can pass up pizza? Extra cheesy please!

You can check out their website here or see our first collab with them (yes photos taken with our Iphones) here

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