Meet Girlboss(s) Bex and Carena From Clique Fitness

Meet Carena and Bex, the beautiful girls behind one simple concept good looking, functional and affordable fitness wear that is making waves on the gram at the moment. We both own two pairs each and we can both proudly say they have taken top priority in active-wear closets. So what does a day in the life of these two hard working ladies look like? Read on to meet the brains behind Clique Fitness.

1) How did Clique Fitness come about?
We were trying to solve what we now know is a common problem for many women – we wanted tights that
were affordable, functional and looked good (seems pretty simple right?) – But after what felt like an eternity,
the prospect of tights that ticked all the boxes seemed unattainable. [I’ve attached a crudely drawn diagram
of how we felt at the time lol] From there we started designing our ideal tights, finding manufacturers we
wanted to work with and ordered our very first samples.
[Bex] Carena came to visit me in Wellington at the beginning of 2017 with our first compression tight samples
which was really where the brand started to take shape. We created many a brainstorm that weekend!

Clique Fitness interview on Serendipity Ave

2) What does a typical day for you two look like?
It’s drastically different for the both of us!
[Bex] A typical day for me includes F45 first thing – I found that when I moved to Auckland the routine I had in
Wellington went out the window, so having to get up and go gets me ready for the day. The rest of my day
includes customer service, managing and carrying out our marketing strategy, meetings and general admin
that can range from website amendments to design to packaging and posting, and of course catching up
with Carena.
[Carena] My partner Rob and I moved to the US a few weeks ago, and we are currently in the middle of renovating a house. A typical day for me with Clique includes management of the manufacturing, accounts, working with our 3PL company (they pick and pack our orders) and catching up with Bex to talk ideas and
day to day admin. Oh yeah, and tons of painting of walls.

3) They say “Don’t mix friends and business” you two did it anyway! What are some tips for besties
wanting to start a business together?
We think that in order to have a good working relationship you need to be able to read the other person, be
empathetic towards them and not be afraid to talk about problems you see arising. Have an open mind, be
willing to make sacrifices and work together towards a shared vision. Also, laugh a lot, it makes things much

Bex And Carena best friends clique fitness

4) How long have you been friends for?
What you may not know is that we aren’t only besties, we’re sisters! Therefore, we have been friends for
approx 26 years.
5) Where do you draw inspiration from?
Everywhere, everyone and everything. A walk in the bush, coffee with a friend, social media…anything that
gets the brain working and the wheels turning.

6) Quotes to live by?
[Bex] Not entirely sure if these are quotes but they are sayings that I live by –
“Trust your gut” – I follow my intuition whenever I can.
“Hindsight is 20/20” – obsessing over things you could have done differently is exhausting and unhelpful.
“This too shall pass” – one of my best friends has this tattooed on his arm, and it’s always stuck with me. For
me, it’s a reminder that even though a problem may seem huge, it’ll get better.
“There is no such thing as an overnight success” – people don’t see the hard work, sacrifices and stress it
can take to build a business! (Or achieve any goal really)
“Motivation gets you going, but discipline will get you there” – People often ask us what keeps us motivated
[with Clique]. The truth is, not everyone wants to do their job every day, even if it is their passion. That’s
where discipline comes in. You need to consistently be doing your best to achieve the best result.

7) Fav snack? (we love food lol)
[Bex] I’m obsessed with frozen blueberries, coconut yoghurt and cacao nibs – sometimes I throw some
peanut butter in there for good measure. Also pancakes every Sunday. And dark chocolate, hot chocolate,
chocolate coconut milk.

[Carena] Moving to the states has been a bit of an eye opener – everything is laden with sugar or high
fructose corn syrup. I heard a tip to stay to the outside lanes of the supermarket when shopping – I’m trying
and stick to fresh fruit, nuts and seeds. Otherwise I sit down at my laptop and next thing I’ve eaten half a box
of Rob’s (dry) honey nut cheerios. I do have my vices though – I drink a lot of diet coke and eat waaay too
much chocolate.

Clique Fitness interview on Serendipity Ave bex and carena photo

8) Where do you see your business in 5 years from now?
Eesh, five years…ideally, Clique will be thriving within and outside of NZ! Only time will tell.

9) Song on repeat atm?
[Bex] I’m a big J. Cole fan, and I refuse to pay for Spotify premium, so at the moment I’m listening to J. Cole
on Artist Radio along with Burger King and Subway ads.
[Carena] My taste is very much the same as that of Bex’s, except I pay for Spotify Premium because hearing
those ads every day and not being able to skip ten songs in a row would drive me mental. I also listen to a
podcast called My Favourite Murder, which Rob and my friends find a bit bizarre, but I find it hilarious AND
informative on how not to get murdered.

10) What do you do to push through those tough days?
Usually, a nap helps (haha). But when there’s something going on that’s especially difficult, making a plan
and dealing with the situation straight up helps immensely. There’s no point in delaying the inevitable.

11) What would you tell your younger self?
[Bex] Your love for dogs will only get stronger and Don’t let others opinions of you sway the way you do
things – be you, boo.
[Carena] Be patient, be kind and be confident. Don’t look to others to make you happy; you have to figure out
how to do that for yourself.

You can stalk their ‘gram here and shop your hearts out here. 

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