Meet Girlboss(es) Nicole + Danielle From When Words Fail

Meet this weeks girlboss Nicole and Danielle from Whenwordsfail. We have been Insta stalking these two babes for years and we are constantly girl crushing on their style. Read more about how they started their blog and their advice on making a name for themselves…

How old are you both?


twins girlboss when words fail on serendipity ave fashion blog in new zealand

How old do you both feel?

Danielle: 21! Haha we always get told we look and act a lot younger, I don’t know if that’s a compliment or not!

What do you both do for work?

Danielle: We both work part time on our blog and Nicole works for Virgin international ground crew and I work for my sister in law at Erin Louise, doing the social media, customer service and modelling.

How did you start Whenwordsfail and what inspired you to start it all?

Nicole: We have always had a love for fashion and we used to take photos of each other and style each other in different outfits just at our home. We had a lot of friends/family tell us we need to do “something” in the fashion industry. We had followed various bloggers on social media which we then discovered this so called “blogging “ thing ourselves.

girlboss interview when words fail on serendipity ave fashion blog in new zealand

What advice do you have for inspiring girlbosses wanting to work for themselves?

Nicole: Don’t worry what people think! Do your own thing and keep motivated. You’ll get far if you work hard for it.

Danielle: Stay disciplined and get creative !

How do you think you girls stand out in the Australian fashion scene?

Danielle: I think we have an advantage being twins, the labels we work with always love having two outfits shown at once in our posts.

Nicole: I think people love watching twins work well together

Who/what influences you?

Danielle: I always get so motivated after I’m on tumblr! There are So many amazing creative models/ Stylist’s / photographers on there doing their thing. I’m obsessed with Rosie Huntington’s fashion at the moment, it’s so simple yet chic!

Nicole: the internet plays a major role in influencing me, I see so many amazing photos/articles/ videos etc on their that makes me just want to get out there and start creating more content !

when words fail on serendipity ave fashion blog in new zealand

What is one of your guilty pleasures? 

Nicole: chocolate ! I tried to go full vegan recently and the only thing I missed was dairy milk chocolate!

Danielle: watching “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” I love seeing how hectic their lives are!

What are your tips for matching your outfits with one another?

Nicole: We love to wear “same same but different “ outfits – does that even make sense?! Haha for example I love to wear a printed midi dress and Danielle might wear the matching printed top with jeans

Danielle: we don’t like to wear the exact same outfits however we keep them similar by matching colours.

What is the biggest risk you have ever taken and how has it paid off ?

Nicole: Starting this blog! We were so embarrassed and scared to put ourselves out there in the fashion industry. I think people can be so judgmental, especially because when we started not many people knew what blogging actually was.

Danielle: It’s definitely paid off but, we love what we do

when words fail on serendipity ave fashion blog in new zealand nicole and danielle

A Quote to live by?

Nicole: “You only live once “

Danielle “when words fail music speaks”

If you don’t already, you can stalk Danielle and Nicole via their website here and Instagram here.

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