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This week we interview the sweetest soul Millie. Growing up in a high profile New Zealand family and dealing with everything life throws at her be it good or bad, we are inspired by her spirit and her passion for living a healthy life through her blog & website

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How old are you? 29!

How old do you feel? Probably around 23. I am extremely young and carefree at heart.

Millie Elder Holmes on serendipity ave fashion blog girl boss interview

Where in the world are you right now? I’m currently sitting at a tattoo convention in Montreux, Switzerland, but I’ll be traveling home to Molyvos, Lesvos, Greece in the next days which is where I have lived for the past two and a bit years.

How do you describe your website and where did the inspiration to start it come from? My website and social media accounts are just a true reflection of me as a person, I’m on a journey to constantly change, learn and grow as a person with health of the mind body and spirit being a huge focus for me, so my blog is a depiction of that. I started out on Instagram, just to have a secret place to share recipes when I started becoming interested in my physical health, mainly so I didn’t annoy family and friends on my personal social media accounts and slowly it grew from there.

Millie Elder Holmes on serendipity ave fashion blog. girl boss nz

What do you see yourself doing in 5 years’ time? In the next 5 years I would still like to have my blog, be traveling and living between New Zealand and Greece, and hopefully have a base somewhere. At the moment I’m floating in the wind which I love, but I’d love to buy a home somewhere and keep all my things from my travels there and go back there to regroup every now and then, when I feel the need. I don’t know where in the world that would be but it would have to be a place close to the sea with some land for a garden and have great local food. I’d also like to have started a family by then, it’s kind of wild to say as I’m currently single, but yeah those are my goals for the next 5 years.

What is your greatest achievement yet? It probably sounds quite cheesy but not completely falling apart during the last 5 years, looking back at the dark places that I had been in I’m proud of myself for not completely fucking losing my shit, I lost my dad and my partner of 7 years quite close together and both in quite a sudden and shocking way, subsequently I lost the life I had planned. Personal growth is something i prize hugely  so just being able to be ok with whats happened in my life is huge thing for me.

Millie Elder Holmes on serendipity ave fashion blog. nz celebrities

Who/what influences you? I’m literally influenced by everything, places, people, moments and food of course. I have found Greece and especially Lesvos island and two small villages there; Molyvos and Eressos to be really healing for me, they have a magical and positive energy about them and in all my travels I have never felt quite the same way about any other spot. Also, reconnecting with my biological dad who lives in Greece and getting his philosophical perspective on life has been really eye opening for me. I’m also very blessed with the people I have in my life, family and friends wise I have an amazing uplifting group of people in my circle. but just taking the time also to appreciate moments; sitting quietly and watching the sunset or going to the beach and listening to the waves and thinking on things I never used to get into and I’m not sure if it was the places I’ve been living or my age but I really appreciate the small simple things now.

What is one of your guilty pleasures? I LOVE a good fresh handmade egg pasta I could eat a kilo of the stuff.

Millie Elder Holmes on serendipity ave fashion blog

What advice would you give to your 15-year-old self? I wish I could have the mentality I have now when I was 15, but then again I wouldn’t have done all the fun mistakes and memories that are so great to reflect on now. Probably just: live your life, kindness is king, not everyone is against you and it will all be ok, even if sometimes it’s really going to feel like it will never be.

Do you have any regrets and if so what are they and why?  No I don’t get caught up in regrets and ‘what if’s’ I think that’s a counter-productive way to start thinking especially for someone like me, not saying I’ve never thought like that but, it is what is it, and we are here now so let’s just focus on looking forward.


Stalk Millie’s food-inspo website that’s got us obsessed here and her Instagram here.

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