Meet Girlboss Jess Molina

Meet Jess Molina. Social Media Manager by day and creative writer by right, this girlboss is the example that, if you embrace who you are, you can achieve great things.
Her blog Bibbidibobbidiboo is a love letter to the universe. Jess believes that the meaning of life is to experience something magical, isn’t that why we all here? To experience something magical? Get enchanted and read more about the creative soul here.

How old are you?  Just turned 26 at the start of this month!

How old do you feel?  Most days I feel like a 16-year-old Tumblr girl. Some days I feel like a 42-year-old mother with lots of kids. Or a 26-year-old big city girl. Then there are days where I feel like I’m 16, 26, and 42 all at once!

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In a nutshell, what does a day in the life of Jess look like? I work in corporate by day as a Digital Engagement Specialist and one of the things I love about what I do is that I get to spend my days on social media and creating strategies. I’m extremely lucky that my schedule is fairly flexible, so if I do need to nip out for a media event or launch on some days, I can do that. Then after work I’m either meeting with my team for a webseries I’m producing/acting in, doing some blogging or catching up on writing work. I’m currently writing for Kimberley Crossman’s website, Thread, as well as contributing to Rookie Mag. I also love cooking so I try to be home for dinner. Then after dinner I love lighting candles and sitting down at my desk to write my first fiction novel. Bedtime finally rolls around and if I’m lucky I would have done a bit of reading before going to sleep.

What inspired you to start your blog? I was 13 when I first started blogging. Xanga, LiveJournal, Multiply, Blogspot… Name an old blogsite, and I most likely have an account on it.  I started blogging because I wanted a space on the internet that’s just mine, where I can keep my thoughts and keep a diary on my life as it happens. So it’s always been just a fun thing for me to do because I liked oversharing online! And now whenever I start to feel a little lost, or start thinking of blogging as a chore, I always come back to that 13 year old girl who was finding her voice and her place in the world so far and the reason why I blog is because I’m still the same girl finding her voice and wanting a little piece of the internet just for her thoughts.

Did you study for after high school? Yes! I have a degree in Communication, majoring in PR and Advertising.
What do you see yourself doing in 5 years time? I identify as a storyteller and I think that encompasses my day job, my acting work, and writing. So in 5 years time I’m going to be doing that on a much bigger scale. I would have (cross your fingers and toes for me) published my novel by then and have launched the web series. More regular acting work and writing and oversharing on the internet are also on the cards.
What is your greatest achievement yet? Writing a piece about marriage equality that went viral at the height of the NZ debate, being able to financially help my family, landing a spot in the 30 under 30 list of most influential young people from the council, and being brave enough to put myself out there and be vulnerable in my writing and in such a public forum.

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Who/what influences you? I’m influenced by a multitude of little things. A song lyric, prose, books… Eating good food (because let’s be honest I’m always eating). My family and friends. People who do their own thing, who show up as themselves fully, and embraces who they are. I’m influenced by vulnerability and authenticity, being human. Strong females who are paving the way for more diversity in the media and Hollywood. Cityscapes and people watching. Oh, and my queen Mindy Kaling!

What is one of your guilty pleasures?  Taking an uber everywhere instead of walking.  A colleague of mine always gives me grief for this! But I like being in the back of an Uber, actually. I seem to get the best ideas when I’m sitting there idle! It’s my quiet thinking time.

What advice would you give to your 15 year old self? I hate to break it to you, girl, but at 26 you still wouldn’t have had a boyfriend. Sorry. BUT the good news is, is that there are some pretty amazing pinch me moments in store for you. You’ve always dreamt big and believed in the possibilities. Right now you’re feeling strange. Different from everyone else. You’re in High School in the Philippines and most days, it’s exactly like how you imagined Gossip Girl would be in real life. Except you’re not cool. Not even in the vicinity of cool. Your friend group is small and loyal. And your best friend would have suddenly passed away. You’re wondering how someone can be there one day and literally be gone the next. This will be a turning point in your young life and since then you’ll make a vow to life to the fullest.
You’ll dream bigger dreams, and experience great pain and failure. But you know what? At 21 you will become a magazine editor, just like you’ve always dreamed of. The first time you see your magazine in a shop, you will cry as you hold it in your hands. Seeing it there, beside your favourite magazine titles, is a magazine you helped created. And you will fail at that. 3 years later and the magazine will collapse. You’ll be devastated for months, until you realise that your publication closing down is what needed to happen to make way for your biggest dream.  You’ll host a national TV show that recognises you as an influential person in your adopted country and you’ll be heavily involved in writing the script. You’ll act in a popular TV series. You’ll realise that your purpose in life is to tell stories.

And you’ll still be oversharing on the internet. Just like the first time you blogged when you were 13, you’ll still be doing that and it will still give you a sense of fulfilment, owning a little corner on the internet just for you. So homegirl, embrace your quirks and differences. Even though you think you’re weird now for not being like everyone else, for marching to the beat of your own drum, and being headstrong on your beliefs and what you want. Trust me. Those things will be what you love about yourself in the future. So 15 year old me, keep loving fashion even though you don’t have the body or ‘look’ for it. Keep oversharing on the internet. Keep dreaming the big dreams because you’ll find that reality is much bigger than you can ever imagine. And keep that unwavering belief that magic is happening to you. Because it is. And at 26, we’re only just beginning.

If you weren’t creative writing for your blog, what else would you be doing?  I would be acting, writing ficton novels, producing a webseries… all the things I can’t wait to be doing more now.

You can stalk Jess’s blog here and her social here.

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