Meet Girlboss Gabby From Papier HQ

Meet the talented creative and girlboss behind Papier HQ, Gabby. Residing in Auckland, this babe has found a niche in the art market and is nailing it. With her goals set on world wide “wall art” domination, she has a go-getter attitude and is seriously one to watch. Read more about our Gabby below.

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1) How did Papier HQ come about? Papier hq originally came about when shopping for our own home. We found that there was a lack in the New Zealand market for affordable, on-trend wall art made from high quality materials. People don’t always have the spare funds to put personal touches in their homes. Our business idea is simple: Stylish wall art should be affordable for everyone whilst still being on trend, beautiful and putting life into one’s home. We also offer custom made art which adds even more of a personal touch to our customers homes as well as capturing a special moment or memory for them.


2) What does a typical day for Gabby look like? No day is ever the same for me! I normally start the day by checking emails and then it could be anything from designing new ranges, talking to our suppliers, framing, boxing, printing, working on new marketing material.. the to-do list is endless!


3) Recent Girlboss moment? Doing a photoshoot and interview for the Next magazine. I’m so used to being behind the camera not in front of it so it’s definitely a new experience!


4) Where do you draw inspirations for your designs from? Being a creative I can’t honestly say there is just one thing that inspires me. I get my inspiration from everywhere: International trends, travel, people I meet, colour. Sometimes I’m actively looking for inspiration and sometimes I get surprised. Papier hq has a clear style which we try to stay true to. I think this comes through when someone is browsing our range of wall art.

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5) How old are you and how old do you feel? I’m 29 but am in denial about that!  I still feel like I’m in my early 20’s but then again, I’ve done so much in that time!


6) Do you have any quotes you live by? If we could only see that all limitations are self – imposed and chosen out of fear, we would all leap at once.


7) What is your fave snack? ALLLL the foods! I have a serious obsession with cheese, any cheese will do.


8) Where do you see your business in 5 years from now? I really hope in 5 years I have a team behind me and a bigger international presence. We could love to be the go-to boutique for on-trend wall art.


9) Song on repeat atm? I don’t have a particular song that I’m playing on repeat but I can never say no to a bit of Ed or Imagine Dragons.


10) What do you do to push through those tough days? I think it’s easy to let the stress take over some days so I just try and be positive and know that not every day will be like this and

there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. Also, coffee helps A LOT.


11) What would you tell your younger self? Believe in yourself because if you don’t know one else will. I’m still learning this.

papier hq on serendipity ave girlboss interview


You can visit her website here and stalk her Instagram here.

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