Meet Girlboss Cassidy Morris

Meet girlboss Cassidy Morris. Recently joining our TV as a Bravo host she is extremely down to Earth, ambitious and destined for great things.  Recently arriving back from her trip to LA, we chat with Cassidy so you can get to know our new girlboss babe…

How old are you? – I am 23 years young.

How old do you feel?  – This is crazy but I feel 27 sometimes, I think it’s because a majority of my friends are a lot older than me and I am such an old soul. 

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Over the last year, you have done some pretty cool things, what has been a highlight? – Ahh I have had such an incredible year I got a man in my life, who just charms me every day and also got my dream job as the Bravo NZ Host. these two are definitely my highlights. 

What does a day in the life of Cassidy look like? – My busiest day is Mondays, where I have my H&M Artist come to my house and get me glammed up for filming “The Dish”. After filming I usually have meetings, then lunch and then workout. I try and change my workouts every day to keep me interested from there replying to email/ studying for my next interview and finish off with making dinner and chilling with my man. 

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What are some of your goals for the year? – I have a few personal goals but I really want to keep learning and growing as the Bravo Host, This role just excites me so much I just want to make the most of it!

What advice do you have for girls who are wanting to make it into TV?  – Have the confidence to put yourself out there and be yourself. – Don’t ever try and be what you think the “best host is”-  One thing I’ve learnt, the best host is simply just being yourself and makes the role there own. 

What do you do for fun? – I love to be with my family, working out and going out on the water with Luke, we have done a fair bit of that this summer. 

What is your favourite quote to live by? – “The harder you work, the luckier you get” 

Fav snack? – There is so many, I am such a foodie it ridiculous! At the moment as I just recently got back from the states its Yoghurt covered pretzels and dried Mango… So good!

cassidy morris and luke on serendipity ave girlboss interview

Given you’re in the public eye so much, do you have any beauty or skin-care obsessions to share? – Yes! I do really take a lot of time for my skin, before I even apply anything, I always look at what I am eating, I feel whatever you are putting in your body will show on the outside, I love nutrition, I studied it when I came out of school, I can’t express that enough! Other than that I always just apply “Osmosis SPF Moisturiser” I don’t wear ANY makeup unless I have filming or an event, I need to let my skin breath.  

If you didn’t have any bills to pay what would be your one splurge purchase? – Oh a trip away for Lukey and I. We really want to visit Japan so I think that would definitely be a splurge purchase! 

You can stalk Cassidy’s Instagram here and watch how she nails her lines over on Bravo TV – The Dish.

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