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emma burton of emma ford swim wear on serendipity ave street style blogThis week we caught up with designer Emma of Emma Ford Swimwear. We absolutely love the 90’s styling behind the luxury brand and we thought to ourselves, with this kick ass swimwear there must be another kick ass babe running it right? RIGHT!  Emma is a girlboss to be reckoned with and a total sweetheart as well. Check out our quick interview with the latest #girlboss from New Zealand…


What does a typical day in the life of Emma look like?
Busy! My husband and I have 2 children Harry 4 and Ollie 6, I have two clothing labels Woodward a womenswear brand and Emma Ford swimwear, I work part time as a senior stylist and do some business consulting- it sounds even crazier when I write it down!
We are up by 6.30am I make a coffee, get the kids ready and walk them to school/kindy at 8. I work from home so I either head back or pop off to a meeting or the boutique. I keep a visual diary (I write many lists) and my phone on me most of the time to try to keep everything running as smoothly as possible.
At 2.30 I pick up the boys and spend until early evening doing family things like making dinner and cleaning up with a glass of wine in hand.
After dinner I often get back on the computer and upload my social media catch up on emails and spend some time with my husband watching some terrible tv programmes or Netflix.

What was the defining moment when you first started Emma Ford Swim? (where does the name Ford come from?)
We have had the Emma Ford brand for around 10 years, after taking a few years off we relaunched at NZ Fashion Week last year. Emma Ford started in my mid 20’s, I had been custom making pieces and had recently met my now husband Mark, we saw that there was a competition for the Deutz designer awards – he made a couple of prints, we added it to a small swimwear collection all of a sudden we had a brand! The label name came from my name and my mothers maiden name Ford.

emma ford swim luxury swimwear new zealand on street style blog

How do you keep current within the fashion industry?
I love fashion and design so follow lots of great brands, photographers and stylists big and small. Im always researching especially older fashion shows on youtube. With Emma Ford I am inspired by photographers and artists so I also like to go to the library and look back at some of the fashion greats often the internet just hasn’t got the amazing imagery that you can find in a beautiful book.

What other women in your life inspire you?

I believe all women are inspiring. I look at my friends who juggle life and family and that’s incredible, others are dedicated to their career which is also amazing, and then i see all the beautiful women on Instagram and i feel like thats inspiring!

What is your favourite snack? (we love food haha)
Ohhh thats a hard one, I love food! And I definitely have a sweet tooth so maybe lollies or i do enjoy good old kiwi dip with chips.

What would you tell your younger self with the experience and confidence you have today?
Believe in yourself, follow your heart when it comes to design and take the time to really think through big decisions.

Do you have a life motto and if so what is it?
Be true to yourself.

emma ford swim wear on nz fashion blog street styleWhat is something nobody knows about you?
Well only my close friends know i have have some very questionable tattoos including a hippo on my stomach! Maybe thats something i would also tell my younger self – think before doing….. lol

What has been your first roadblock/failure and how did you overcome it?
There has been many! One of the first big lessons was when a store went into liquidation without paying us anything, I learnt be really careful and if you have a bad feeling trust your gut. When you are producing something their can often be problems it goes along with design, I have learnt over the years to remain calm and level headed there is always a solution.

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Where to from here?
In regard to Emma Ford swimwear, we are focusing on building brand awareness and looking for local and international stockists. I am really excited by the amazing feedback this collection has had and look forward to releasing new styles in a couple of months.

You can visit her website here and see our latest collab with Emma Ford Swim here!

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