Meet Kara Liu from Interval

Our recent girlboss crush Kara comes from just across the ditch in Strayyya. We actually found her label Interval whilst stalking our way through Instagram looking for muse worthy labels to stock on Shop Serendipity Ave.

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Scrolling through their feed right through to receiving the summer look book we knew we needed it in our lives. The beautiful shillouttes, along with the dreamy imagery this label was right up our alley. Her designs certainly stand for the girl who wants to feel comfortable in what she is wearing and look like a fucking goddess at the same time.

Now six months later, we have Interval stocked exclusively with us in New Zealand on our online boutique and we couldn’t be happier. Enough about us, have a stalk @_interval_ and read on to discover more about Kara and why Interval is different…

KaraInterval Design Interview Serendipity Ave1What is the best part about being a designer? 

I love that no two days are the same! One day I could be researching and working on a new collection in the office, other days I could be out on a shoot, or overseas sourcing new fabrics and visiting factories. It’s what makes the job so fun and exciting!

What other women in your life inspire you? 

My colleagues/friends. I work with such a bunch of incredibly talented and fun girls that constantly inspire me and keep me positive!

Who is your girl crush/style muse?

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Irina Lakicevic, Sarah Linh Tran and Garance Dore. They are all successful career girls who are great at what they do, and have amazing personal styles.

What makes Interval different from other brands?

I always say that Interval is a brand for the wearer. During the design process I always think about if the item I’m working on will fit into the wearer’s life and wardrobe seamlessly. She shouldn’t have to think too hard about how to outfit an Interval piece. I want Interval to be that ‘favourite jumper’ or that ‘go-to top’ that she wears when she doesn’t know what to wear, and she always feels great in it. It should compliment her, not overshadow her. When people see her in Interval, I hope the response wouldn’t be ‘that top is amazing’, but ‘she looks amazing!’.

Do you have a life motto or quote to live by, and if so what is it? christmas cookies interval shop serendipity ave

‘It’s very easy to be different but very difficult to be better’. – Jonathan Ive.

What is your favourite snack? (we loooove ze food)

Oh my, where do I start! If I have to pick just one, I would have to say French Fries (or any potato based snacks really, chips, wedges, packet chips, tater tots… I could go on and on…)

What is something nobody knows about you? 

I love Christmas, like really really love Christmas. I am really into / good at making all sorts of festive season related decorations. My specialties are Pinterest worthy branch wreaths and gingerbread cookies



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Check out the Summer Interval pieces on now. Limited sizes, shop now or cry later..

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