Meet Madeleine Walker from The Twenties Club

Madeleine Oh Madeleine, where do we start? Her perfect skin? Her wittiness? Her understated cool style? Her attitude towards supporting fellow girl bosses? Ok, you get the drill. We are crushing.

Some of you might know her as the creative director behind the blog ‘The Twenties Club‘ which is a space where she inspires babes in their twenties navigating life in a light hearted way. Her realness is contagious. If you haven’t yet had a stalk, click here and have a read #yourwelcome

We actually met Maddy through mutual friends at different events in Auckland and she is always so much fun. It feels only right to introduce her to you all so here we go, scroll on to read more…

the twenties clubWhere are you from and where do you live? I’m 24 year’s old and I live in Ponsonby with friends. There is no better suburb in Auckland to live in as a young creative than Ponsonby/Grey Lynn. There are so many like-minded people here, from designers and stylist to photographers and artists. It’s so easy to be inspired. It’s also such a treat to be able to walk to work each day – my office is above Ponsonby Central!

How did the concept of the twenties club come to life? When I was younger I knew I wanted to run my own business but I also knew I wanted to create something that celebrated female friendship and millennial women in a way that was empowering and did justice to who we actually are, not who the stereotype says we are. I conceived the idea for The Twenties Club when I was at university and on the cusp of turning twenty – feeling nervous, excited and overwhelmed at what the next 10 years of my life would look like. I started the blog because I felt there was a space in the online world for content that was specifically addressing the challenges my girlfriends and I were facing as we entered such a defining decade. I’ve been running the blog for just under two years now and it has been the absolute joy of my life.Madeleine Walker The Twenties Club New Zealand

Women that inspire you? Businesswomen that inspire me include Leandra Medine of Man Repeller, Gilda Ambrosio of Attico, Emily Weiss of Glossier and Jen Atkin of Ouai. These are women who created their dream job for themselves. They push the boundaries, they sit at the head of the table, they ask hard questions and they show up. It’s also impossible to not be excited about the incredible talent in New Zealand fashion right now. I’m forever in awe of Georgia Currie, Paris Mitchell and Georgia Cherrie, Maggie Hewitt, Jessica Grubisa and Madeleine Harman, and the whole team at Lonely.

How old are you, and how old do you feel? I’m 24 but I often feel like I’m still only on the cusp of being in my twenties, rather than right in the thick of it. Is that what people call denial?

A quote to live by? Right now I keep coming back to, “Work hard in silence. Let success be your noise.”

What would you tell your younger self? Be kind to yourself – the road is long and hard but it will feel longer and harder if you don’t treat yourself with respect. Trust that the tough experiences you are facing right now will make you a stronger, more resilient, altruistic version of yourself in the future. We learn more when things go wrong than when things go right.

Your fav snack? Oh I LOVE SNACKS. Treat snacks I die for: Serious Popcorn Coconut + Vanilla, Pana Chocolate Raw Cacao, nut free truffles from Little Bird Organics in Ponsonby… Can you tell I have a sweet tooth?

If you could go to a dinner party with anyone who would it be? I have crushes on both Cole Sprouse and Harry Styles right now so table for three please waiter. If we’re doing a girls dinner it would be all my best friends PLUS bad gal Ri Ri, Hillary Clinton, Lena Dunham and Leandra Medine. And we would make a P L A N.

Madeleine Walker The twenties club New ZealandWhich famous person do you feel like you would really click with but just haven’t quite got to meet yet? Anyone from the girls dinner at my previous answer obviously.

Current album on repeat? You both already know the answer to this. I think I officially know all the lyrics to every song on Harry’s album (FYI she’s referring to Harry Styles hehe). Can’t stop playing Sweet Creature, Woman, and From The Dining Table. He really has outdone himself tbh.

Where do you see yourself and the twenties club in 10 years from now? Probably blindly navigating my way through The Thirties Club with the same naïve enthusiasm I approached my twenties with. I’ll be breastfeeding while on a conference call to some important people in New York.

You can officially find Maddy here: or follow her Instagram which is equally addictive here.

P.S: She may not have the answers on how to cope with your first heart break, whether you should go Paleo or not and why he didn’t call you back, but you be sure to find a platform full of inspiration, laughs and wow moments.

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