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Little Ghost launches first collection, The Kingdom of Hera.

Little Ghost Serendipity Ave NZ street style blog

When we met Amber Bibby, Little Ghost founder and designer we knew straight away that this lady is going places! With her attention and love to detail the goddess-inspired collection features four wallets, two clutches and two handbags and we were lucky enough to get our hands on them. We were amazed by the quality, colour palette and sophistication each piece brings with it. Meet Amber in our interview below.
“At Little Ghost we believe that within each and every woman is a natural born goddess that deserves celebrating, every day. Our collections, packed full of sophistication and spice and all things edgy and nice, have been designed and developed to do just that and more.”



Little Ghost Serendipity Ave NZ street style blog flatlay

Little Ghost Serendipity Ave NZ street style blog


Little Ghost Serendipity Ave NZ street style blog

Little Ghost Serendipity Ave NZ street style blog

Little Ghost Serendipity Ave NZ street style blog

Little Ghost Serendipity Ave NZ street style blog
1. Tell us about how the label little ghost NZ came about?
It was a bit of a cliché moment, lightbulb idea in the middle of the night.  Little Ghost has been a ‘brand name’ I had liked many years before I knew what I was going to do with it.  I was brought up in the fashion/beauty industry and always had a passion for accessories.  It was a natural fit to travel down this route.  I had an idea, started the ball rolling – and haven’t looked back!
2. What do you like to do in your free time besides creating amazing goods?
I love pop culture, live music, movies, and trying new spots to dine at.  Painting and building castles with my 2 year old.
I’m lucky enough to live near a forest, so walking my dog and breathing in the fresh air is definitely an inspiring part of my day.  Taking pictures… practising my novice photography skills.
3. Who are your style influences?
This list could go on a while!  I love old school glamour like Marlene Dietrich to current edgy babes like Leigh Lezark (adore!) , The Olsen twins, Kelly Osbourne, M.I.A ‘Maya’ to the more classic stye of Marion Cotillard and Bridget Bardot…
4. What is the best tip anyone has ever given you growing up? 
My step dad use to drum into us how important and ok it was to be different and unique.  As a pre teen and teenager there is this constant need to fit in, be accepted, be one of the same.  I think having that constant message has paid off for me.  I strive to be myself… and no one else 🙂
5. What is your favourite quote to live by?
There are soo many inspirational quotes out there, but the ones that first come to mind are:  ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’.
‘Reach high, for the stars lie hidden in your soul.  Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal’.  Tupac Shakur
6. Who is your biggest influence in your life?
My Husband.
All the goal diggers I know, the ones following their bliss.  Im lucky to know a few of those gems!
7. If you could have dinner with anyone in the world (alive or dead) who would you pick? 
Roisin Murphy, Tupac Sharkur, Meryl Streep and Kevin Hart.  Do they count as one?…

You can buy the ‘Kingdom of Hera’ collection online on or visit their local stockist ‘Rumor’ in Cambridge, Waikato.


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