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Meet Ella. This babe face is a talented wee thing. She’s a Kiwi girlboss who moved to Europe and based herself in London with her own jewellery brand Monarc Jewellery + Monarc Concierge, all under the age of 30.
Showcasing in magazines like Fashion Quarterly as the brand to watch is no small feat/ Ella believes that all jewellery should have a story and a moment behind it.

We are totally buying what Ella is selling, because we have teamed up with her to make limited edition ear jewels (coming soon). Watch this space! Scroll down to read more about Ella and what inspires her.

P.S: Still think you know her from somewhere else? She is a Gucci model. Mic. Drop.

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You are a Kiwi settled in London, how do you stay in touch with your homeland and NZ fashion?

The internet and apps make it a breeze to stay in touch! When I first moved to Europe in 2009 Instagram didn’t exist and Skype hadn’t even launched yet. Oh my gosh I sound so old, I’m not even 30 yet, I promise. Instagram is my favourite because it merges a business voice and personal aspects of a brand. It makes you feel more connected to an enterprise than a lot of other platforms do. A few New Zealand fashion magazines have surprised me by sending issues over to London. It’s so nice to have these hard copies to read through and keep on my bookshelf. You don’t find many Kiwi magazines or journals sold in U.K bookstores

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When did you start Monarc Jewellery & Concierge? I started Monarc Jewellery & Concierge in 2016. I worked in the jewellery industry for six years prior to staring my own brand, and before that I was modelling between Milan and Paris. Monarc Jewellery is the ready-to- wear side of my business, I try to release 3+ collections each year. The‘Concierge’ element of my company is creating high-end bespoke and bridal pieces. I love working with clients one-on- one to design something super special. The bespoke side of my business was the main pull towards starting my own thing. I love the idea that jewellery represents a moment in time and acts as a token that can be passed down from generation to generation- and this is the key reason I make jewellery that is built to last the test of time.

Who is your biggest inspiration? I have so many! I’ll be forever inspired by those with unwavering work ethic. Each successful person I’ve been fortunate enough to spend time with has a strong passion for what they do. I definitely aspire to get up every morning and give life my best shot. Ultimate satisfaction for me is kicking goals! I think Carine Roitfeld is brilliant. I also admire women and groups who are advocates of gender equality; equal pay for women and who demand respect in the workplace. I admire theSuffragettes, Maya Angelou and BEYONCE to name just a few!

One thing nobody knows about you? This is a hard one! I have no idea what I could tell you for this question without being offensive or rude!

ella drake on serendipity ave fashion blog australasia jewels

Quote to live by? “There is nothing permanent except change” – Heraclitus. This quote inspired Monarc Jewellery’s new Pendulum collection with its notion that the universe is in constant flux. My hero look from this new collection is called the ‘Arc Pendulum’, it hangs from the ear and swings just like a pendulum. I’m big on designing jewellery that moves and shimmies with us! Also “Chill! Don’t get your panties in a bunch”. Whenever I think of this quote it makes me smile. Life isn’t meant to be taken too seriously.

What would you tell your younger self? Go get ‘em! If you want something you’ve got to speak up and ask for it!

Where did your brand name come from? ‘Monarc’ was the working title while I was planning out my business. Rather than spending forever deliberating over a final name (which I would have), I just ran with the working title I had used for several months and became familiar with. It’s kind of like the superstition surrounding the renaming of boats; once a boat has been named, it’s bad luck to go changing it. So Monarc Jewellery & Concierge was the title I stuck with!

Monarc is formed of two words, mon and arc. Mon being French for my, and arc being a shape I would use to describe the globe. I wanted my business to have a global presence.

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Have you had any road blocks or failures? If so, how did you overcome them? I’ve gone against my gut instinct one or two times in business, and both times ended in a less than desirable outcome. If an idea doesn’t bode well from the beginning, then I think you need to write it off and not force something to happen.

Financial forecasting can be hard, mainly because I find numbers stuff boring. Trying to establish a business budget can be really painful, especially when you’re trying to look 12- 24 months into the future. Working with metals (gold and silver) and natural stones or diamonds can be tricky to manage financially, monthly cash-flow is essential to making it all run smoothly. I’ve had to get used to lots of spread-sheeting and accounting tools to make sure nothing goes awry.

ella drake on serendipity ave fashion blog australasia tools jewellery ring gold ella drakeRecent Girl Boss moments? When I see women wearing Monarc Jewellery it’s an incredible feeling. I suppose seeing this makes me feel proud of all the hard work that goes into each collection.

Future projects? A special collaboration with the Serendipity Ave girls. Yay! I’m really looking forward to seeing where our carefully edited collection of earrings takes us. Note – You heard it here first, stay tuned.

Ok let’s get serious now, favourite snack? Ooooo I love a good fig! And tahini! A jar of tahini to me is like Nutella to Nutella lovers. Tahini drizzled over sliced banana on rye toast is my ultimate go-to snack.

Ella has been so generous to offer our readers 25% off her website Monarc Jewellery Just use the code SERENDIPITY at check out for 25% off. It’s valid until the end of August 2017 babes x

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