Meet Chloe From Chloe Zara Styling

Meet Chloe Zara, the girlboss who makes the saying ‘hair envy’ a reality. Hairstylist by trade, not only is she talented at what she does she is also an absolute GB and her Instagram is worth a stalk.

From knowing and owning her passion from the young age of 17 , she’s  killing it in Auckland with her dreamy little Ponsonby based boutique salon.
One thing that comes on our minds when we think of Chloe is : always on point, whenever we see this dream boat she is dressed to a T with a smile that is absolutely contagious.

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How old are you?
I’m 29.
chloe zara on serendipity ave fashion blog international
How old do you feel?
I feel that age .. But scared to turn 30!!
In a nutshell, what does a day in the life of Chloe look like?
My day always starts off early at F45, then a walk with Rupert, then into emails for bookings and organising my day for my lovely clients, I usually start a little later in the day and work through to 7/8pm so they are long days!
When you started, what formal training did you have (if any) and do you think in this day and age it has helped you with Chloe Zara Styling?
I was a qualified hairstylist by 21 and had already run a little boutique salon in Christchurch as the owner was a beauty therapist, this abled me to grow so much as a young stylist and taught me a lot. After having another 4 years experience working at Stephen Marr I felt like I had the experience and confidence to start Chloe Zara Styling at 24 .. The best thing I’ve ever done!! (Apart from getting Rupert!!) 5 years on and still going strong!
chloe zara on serendipity ave fashion blog international
What advice do you have for inspiring girlbosses wanting to work for themselves?
Take a risk! You have to be strong and confident, set yourself goals and work hard for them and don’t look back.. Even when times get tough keep going because everything always falls into place.
Is there anything you would do differently in regards to working for yourself? 
I wish I had got an accountant from the very beginning, that’s so important and I have a great one now that helps me through everything and keeps me on top of that side of the business! I’m really not great with the admin of running a business, it’s something I still need to improve on!
Who/what influences you creatively?
Blogs, Tumblr and Instagram are my biggest influence, I’m all about everyday effortless hair, I love to see the hair and an outfit together! I love Edwards and Co from Australia and Sal Salcedo who is based in LA, his style of colouring and styling is amazing!!
What is one of your guilty pleasures?
My guilty pleasure is biscuits.. I can go through an entire packet in two days with a cup of English Breakfast tea!

chloe zara on serendipity ave fashion blog international

What advice
would you give to your 15 year old self?
Oh god! Don’t be in such a rush to grow up (my naughty years!!)  Oh and don’t cake on orange foundation!!!!!
If you weren’t doing hair styling, what else would you be doing?
Definitely something creative! When I was 15 actually I was really into computer graphics and wanted to work with Fashion Magazines ..


Feel free to stalk Chloe here and here. You’re welcome.

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