Getting You Through Summer – Our Beauty Hacks

Summer is here and we are all in the mood for an epic summer. Before the summer break kicks off, it is our duty to tell you about our beauty hacks for looking after yourself this summer.  The best thing about them is that they are tried and trusted by Nami and I which means you can just relax and #treatyoself.

Shampoo $46 + Conditioner $48 – Eithne Curran.

shampoo and conditioner beauty must have hack for summer 2017

A natural shampoo and conditioner that doesn’t entirely break the bank. We have been personally using this combo for over a year now and wouldn’t trade it for anything else. At first it can be hard to adjust as it doesn’t foam up like other shampoo and conditioners, but trust us a little goes a long way. Being conscious of the chemicals entering our waterways, this set was made with both your hair and nature in mind – they’re natural after all! Our tip? Start washing your hair at most 3 times a week and when you really must wash it, use this combo.  Having fabulous lush hair while also doing your part to look after our planet, we are here for it!



Hair Treatment – Eithne Curran | $55

hair treatment summer must have beauty hack serendipity ave

This is only way to get your hair through all the sun and salt water you are going to throw at it these next few months (in our opinion). Especially you girls who have recently lightened your hair for summer, we are looking at you! Speaking from experience, after colour correcting the blonde in Pascale’s hair, it was in need of some TLC and we can truely say hand on heart her hair is so much better off for it. If you are a little short on cash this pay, invest in treatment before the shampoo + conditioner then slowly build up your collection to get your hair feeling 100%

Flawless Bronzing Kit – Little Honey | $55

flawless bronzing beauty hack for summer 2017

Made for those days you just need to top up your sun kissed skin or to fake your way through the “I just got back from an exotic holiday” tan. We love that the formula is super fast drying and easy to apply on summer afternoon with a wine in hand. Tip – We apply ours late at night and wash it off the next morning to let it soak in. Also, did we mention it is cruelty free? *heart eye emoji* Little Honey. Just. Get. It.


Sage and Lemongrass Spritz – Tier For Teens | $26



This spritz is a little gem that can be used in multiple ways although mainly used as a toner for troubled skin we use ours as a facial mist when our skin is starting to feel a little dull. We love to pop ours in the fridge for a cool freshen up or you can add it to your make up bag. For you make up lovers, you can also use this baby as a setting spray.  Nami and I personally dab it above the cheek bones before we dust on our highlighter to enhance the glow. What is life?!

PSA babes – All orders placed by the 20th of December will reach you just in time for Christmas, meaning one for you one for your secret santa <3

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