Don’t idolise a false reality

Hey babes,

We thought we would jump on here to share with you a thought that has been lingering with us for a while… Don’t look to your social media favourites and idolise their lifestyle nor aim for it as you don’t always have the full story. Ready for some real talk? Go on sit down, it’s been a while we chatted.

It has always been our duty to be open and completely honest with you. Our Instagram account is a reflection of our life and we truly try to keep it as real as we can from filming ourselves waking up in the morning looking like idiots in our pyjama’s to being completely glammed up at an event, and everything in between. You babes keep us accountable and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Now…we might get a bit of hit back for this but we feel it’s our duty to keep it real with you. The number of times we hear and see comments on a girls Instagram account about how girls are aiming to live like a social media influencer is alarming. Comments like “She is such goals”, “She had a baby at 19 I can’t wait to be pregnant too” “She has so many designer bags”,”I wish I looked like her” etc the list goes on. Although these might be an expression at the moment, if you only knew how these boys/girls really lived you might change your perception.

There are certain girls within New Zealand and overseas that you will completely be astounded by how they live outside of social media. For example, that girl from Sydney that portrays herself with a room full of designer items living the #luxlife – in reality, she loans them from a PR company so she can portray them as her own and returns them every two weeks (yes this is a thing). She has no savings, she spends over her means and she lives her life on 2-minute noodles. She is no further ahead financially than you. She chooses to splurge her money constantly on materialistic things and enjoys the rush of how she portrays the rich girl lifestyle on Instagram.

That girl that gets a facial and her nails done twice a week and #SWEARSBYTHISPLACE – She is paid to go there and talk about the brand. She has either emailed the brand asking to have her nails done for free or they have approached her. She has never spent a dollar in that spa before. It’s the perk of you guys engaging with her account so she can live this portrayed #blessedlife.

That girl that lives in Ponsonby and #justboughtahouse that is completely decked out with new furniture and contributes her success to saving from a job she made $600 a week at – In reality, she was gifted a generous amount of money from her very wealthy parent’s inheritance fund. She didn’t just stumble across $200,000 for a house deposit and a $1,700 a week mortgage repayment. It is not as “I worked hard for this” as she portrays, but moreover, she was given most of it. Don’t get us wrong, there is nothing wrong with a helping hand AT ALL. We just hate to think young impressionable girls will believe that lifestyle is an attainable reality with minimal effort or financial backing.

The lesson here is we just encourage you to always do the following:

  • Take what influencers say with a grain of salt.
  • Back yourself and always aim to build something for yourself first.
  • Don’t rely on anyone but yourself.
  • Build a future you can be proud of.

Yes, we are a part of this world but the difference is we like to be as authentic and open as we can. We wish people would be more authentic in what they share with the world rather than portray a certain lifestyle.

As we have always said, we both have full-time jobs and no they don’t pay that great. We both earn under $700 a week each from our full-time jobs and you guessed it this is not what allows us to splurge on designer items once or twice a year. We actually have 4 sources of income – our wedding photography business, our blog work (if we are lucky enough that a brand wants to pay for our creativity) and our online store.

Moral of the story, work hard for what you have and don’t assume everyone’s lifestyle on Instagram is as it seems – apart from us of course. We vow to always keep it real. #ImLoyalBabe

You got this girl, stay true yourself and always remember not everything is as it seems online!

Love N+P xx

nami and pascale fashion blogger from New Zealand talking about fake social media lifestyles

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  1. Zee-joe on August 11, 2018 at 11:39 pm

    Hello! You both are so cute and I love your all styles. I’m also a fashion blogger from Canada, my latest dress was from Mumu and I got the free coupon of Mumu from ClothingRic. They have verified coupons of all brands,

    • Nami Hampe on August 16, 2018 at 3:37 pm

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment <3

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