How I bought my first Chanel

“It’s so much money” , “I can never afford this”, “You are wasting money”, “This is not for girls like you!”

Yes, I have heard it all and I am sorry to start my blogpost so negative when the essence is such beauty! Chanel! What can I say? Every fashion enthusiasts dream? Well, it has been mine since I was 14 and let me tell you how I made it come true!

Designer bag how to buy yours

These 10 tips hopefully help you to guide you to purchase your first Chanel or any other lux item you just can’t stop thinking about!

  1. Know your expenses. Write down all your weekly expenses, whatever you have spare you put into a special bank account. Call this account the name of your dream purchase and make weekly payments to it, even if this is as little as $5 a week, make a start. I work full-time and all of this money goes to my expenses account, I have a mortgage and day to day expenses to pay for which always come first. Whenever I get work through my blog or my photography business I put a little percentage of this into my “Lux” account. That way I am not jeopardizing my savings or my day to day living costs. I keep it separate.
  2. Only spend money you have or look at better ways to manage your funds to get the things you want. I don’t come from a privileged family and have learnt to work with the money I have right now. Why? It makes me feel more at ease and in control of my finances. Going into debt for a designer purchase, is a no-go for me, personally. However, if you’re good with money, then Gem Visa is a great option for pricier purchases as it offers interest-free terms that allow you to pay it back over time without accruing interest (just saying).
  3. Take your lunch to work. It’s honestly the little things that make the difference. I cook extra dinner to take some the next day to work with me,2 minute noodles do the trick too! Trust me sacrificing these little things will make buying your first designer purchase so much more rewarding.
  4. Minimize your coffee spend. This one is huge I use to buy a coffee everyday, sometimes even two! Oh but it’s just $5.50 (fuck you coffee for being so expensive) times that by 7 and you are looking at just under $40 a week. That’s 2K in a year, right there… Half of your first Chanel.
  5. Invest in a classic piece. My first Chanel was the wallet on chain in black caviar leather with silver hardware. I wanted it to be timeless and those pieces I would one day pass on to my children. Even though I wear more gold than silver jewelry I felt the silver hardware gave it a bit more of a modern look, an edge, whilst gold felt a bit too antique to me. Once I built up my bag collection I now like to invest in some colour, but I recommend to start with some neutral colours and classic shapes first.
  6. Sleep over it. Don’t impulse buy when it comes to your designer purchases , unless you are fortunate to just throw your money around (why tho) I don’t recommend you to do a spontaneous purchase. I’ve done it once and I felt sick to my stomach, it just didn’t feel right and I ended up selling my bag after hiding it in the back of my closet for months.
  7. Visualize it. Think about how your new bag would fit into your current wardrobe, how much wear would you actually get out of it? I always think about my bag adding value to any outfit I wear. Once I am set on my bag I make moodboards. I literally print out different photos of the bag/or other item I am saving for and keep it in my special draw.
  8. Buy for a special occasion. I bought my first Chanel after Brent asked me to marry him. I went home to Germany to tell all my family and girlfriends and that’s where I ended up buying my first Chanel. I will always remember this special moment and that made it all even more so special.
  9. Don’t listen to others opinion. People will either get it or they won’t. Like everything in life: don’t spend your time trying to explain colour to a colour blind (OMG that sounded mean and I just made that up) but what I’m saying is not everyone will support you spending money on a lux item. But you know what? You do you boo! Different people have different loves for things, some collect stamps, cars, experiences, I’m pretty boring in this field: I like lux items.
  10. Buy second hand. Don’t be put off to purchase your first bag second hand. I bought my Chanel Boy second hand via Hawke Eye Vintage they are certified and guaranteed ‘REAL’, another fantastic site to buy second hand lux items of is Vestiaire.

Most of all – Enjoy the journey! I mean it, this is the most important thing. Treating yourself is special, to save for something you wanted so bad can be so goddamn rewarding. Set yourself a timeframe and goal but do not get upset if you can’t reach it straight away. And once you have the money saved and you decide “hey I gonna go on a holiday instead” there is nothing stopping you! Doing something for yourself that makes you happy is the whole idea after all!

Scroll down for a few photos of my bags and with details on where I bought them from

Chanel Wallet on Chain – from Chanel Hamburg

My first and the one bag I wear all the time, it’s the perfect bag for special occasions and I can literally wear it with everything! I blame you for my lux hand bag addiction >.<

Designer bag how to buy yours

Chanel Boy – from Hawke Eye Vintage

I never dreamed of owning this bag before I was 35 but I found it in mint conditions via their Instagram account and got it even shipped for free to NZ! As it was almost half price I went for the medium sized one.

Designer bag how to buy yours Chanel Boy

 Louis Vuitton alma bag – from LV store in Auckland.

I felt like I wanted a little bit of #extra in my life, that one bag you can literally wear with a full warehouse outfit and feel like Paris Hilton.  I don’t wear it that much as Hamilton is just not ready for her! Don’t worry Alma your time will come!

Designer bag how to buy yours Louis Vuiton

 Gucci love is blind bag – from Gucci Melbourne

This was a present from Brent (as we have the same bank account where both of our money goes into – technically we went halves). He surprised me with this bag for Christmas 2016.


 GG Marmont – from Duty Free Bali

I bought this at the airport in Bali where Brent and I honeymooned, I had spending money left because Bali is so cheap so invested in this baby. Whenever I wear it I think of our time in Bali which makes it even more so special.

Designer bag how to buy yours

Gucci Dionysus Suede – from Auckland Gucci Store

I wanted a bag that was big enough for everyday wear. I love the hardware of this bag, however wish it wasn’t suede because it’s hard to keep clean and free from pug hair!

Designer bag how to buy yours

This is my next dream purchase the Bulgari Serpenti Forever or the Diroama Wallet on Chain, I want to get a red bag next 🙂

Designer bag how to buy yours

Thank you so much for reading! I would love to know your feedback.

Love Nami xx


  1. Saejung on February 22, 2018 at 8:04 am

    Hey Nami. Loved the post!

    Just wondering how much each bag was?
    Looking at purchasing my first lux bag this year. And just want a ball point figure on how much I need to save up.

    • Nami Hampe on February 22, 2018 at 8:47 am

      Hey Darling!

      Thank you so much for the comment and dm on Insta! Here is a estimate breakdown as most I bought overseas:

      Chanel Wallet on Chain ~ $3K
      Chanel Boy – $5K
      LV Alma – 3K
      Gucci Love is Blind – 2K
      Gucci MM – 2.5K
      Gucci Dionysus – 4K

      Hope this helps xx

  2. Riri on February 23, 2018 at 2:33 pm

    Loved this read, thank you for sharing XX

  3. Nicola on March 4, 2018 at 10:39 am

    Hey! Just wondering if you got charged customs on top of the prices listed on the websites? 🙂

    • Pascale Baker on April 17, 2018 at 3:07 pm

      Hey babe

      this depends on your countries custom policies, however email us and we can discuss further. xx

  4. Eena on August 8, 2018 at 1:02 pm

    Hi there,

    Love reading this ???? btw, is there a dior store in Auckland?

    • Nami Hampe on August 8, 2018 at 2:12 pm

      Hi babe! Thank you so much, YES there is a DIOR store in Auckland , opposite the Gucci store <3 xxx

  5. Hannah on September 12, 2018 at 7:37 am

    LOVE all these bags!! 😍😍😍 I’ve only ever bought LV overseas and the website only has AUD amounts and I’m too scared to go into the store and ask the prices lol do you find they are similar in cost to the converted AUD amount? Hope this makes sense!!

    • Nami Hampe on September 12, 2018 at 11:02 am

      Hi babe

      we have found NZ is similar to AUD! Just go in and ask honestly no shame! we go into LV so often without buying anything! Its fine 🙂 xxx

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