Beauty products that actually worked 2018!

There are so many products out there that promise you the bloody world!

These are the products that stood the test of time and that I happily take with me into 2019!

Also, because people are always so curious none of this is sponsored, however, if it was we would still treat it the same as if it wasn’t – meaning anything we recommend sponsored or not, is always genuine –  love Nami x <3

Nami talks about the best beauty products in 2018

Weleda Skinfood

A must have product that is undeniably one of the best beauty products out there! I use my skinfood as a face mask, under my make up, for my split ends, cuticle care etc. etc. I love that it’s super affordable and it smells so yummy too!
Buy here

Weleda Skinfood New Zealand

Skinfood Overnight Avocado Mask

 Stressed, tired skin? Nope, not for me! This is a very affordable overnight face mask which is on high rotation in my beauty regime. I especially love it on a Sunday night knowing I will wake up looking like I had a rested weekend.  If my workmates only knew haha. P.S: The brand is called Skinfood, not to be confused with Weleda Skinfood.
Buy at Countdown or online here

Skinfood Avocado mask

Murad Skincare

The other day my workmate looked at an old photo from me  from like around 3 years ago and said: “How is your skin better now than it was when you were in your twenties?” No lie.

Well, first of all, thank you best compliment I have gotten in ages! I truly believe using the Murad range in conjunction with my skin care plan at Caci Clinic which includes regular facials, has truly made a huge difference in the overall appearance of my skin.
I pretty much love every product Murad has released and in particular, I love the retinol eye creme, the multivitamin oil, and the whole yellow Essential C range!
You can buy at any Caci Clinic nationwide (NZ).

Murad New Zealand

Caci Clinic Skincare Plan

As mentioned before utilising this service has really improved my skin. I love that they seem to have a solution for literally anything you are concerned about. Sunspots = use this product or we can do laser treatment, acne prone skin = let’s do this facial combined with this serum! Their knowledge around the skin is beyond and I swear they have a ” no-judging allowed and be nice to everyone” policy in place! Our go-to place for anything skin related! You can pay for it on a weekly basis kinda like a gym membership which makes it easier to manage money wise.
You can get in touch with Caci here

Caci Clinic New Zealand

Lancome Prep & Hydrate Face Primer

Them: “Omg your skin is sooo dewy” Me: “I knowwww!” haha! You all know I live for that glow!

This primer has the perfect consistency and formula to make you look dewy all day. I use it after I clean my face and prior to applying foundation.
Buy at Smith & Caughey’s here

lancome Primer

Flash & Revitalash Eyelash serum

The rumours are true, these two serums do what they promise and actually work! I started seeing an enormous change after around 2 months. My recommendation though – only apply it during the daytime as I started growing random hair around my eyes as I used to apply it at night and I tend to tear up during my sleep. I guess it shows these serums do work?
Shop Flash here & Revitalash here

Flash Eyelash Serum Revitalash new Zealand

Jeunora Renew +

Because real beauty starts from the inside right? I have been a long time user of Jeunora and I can confirm my hair has never grown faster and thicker in my life. I have that glow even though I’m not pregnant LOL. I will be honest it is pricey but so worth it! It has also helped to minimise my IBS! Use code Serendipity15 for a discount babe!
Shop Here

Jeunera New Zealand

Eleven Miracle Hair Treatment

This leave in wet hair treatment is one of my faves! I chuck it into my highly colour damaged hair and my hair looks amazing and smells yummy too! I have fewer haircuts and split ends because of this bugger. It’s great to also apply when you plan on using straighteners on your hair as it has heat protectant built into it too! 10/10 for this one!
Buy via Loxy’s here

Eleven Miracle Treatment

Bondi Liquid Gold

Because I look so much better tanned but the sunbathing is so bad for aging your skin. For that quick “I need to look healthier” fix this tan is a gift sent from heaven. Literally. It was a PR gift and that’s how I discovered it.
The best part? No showering or long wait time to develop/wash off the tan needed! You just apply it and that’s it, it’s different to the original where you have to wait to develop and wash off. Because ain’t nobody got time for that!
Buy at Farmers or online here

Bondi Liquid Gold Tan


I started drinking 3-4 litres of water every day since the beginning of the year and yep, its a cheap solution for hydrated skin that’s often left neglected. Sounds like a lot to drink but get a cute water bottle, because for some reason I drink more when I like the bottle, it’s the child in me I swear!
Buy my current one here

Wildcost Yoga Water bottle


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