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October Playlist

October Playlist New Zealand Music Charts

Tunes on repeat in our playlist for October. Khalid + Calvin Harris – Rollin Tupac – How Do You Want It Mabel – Finders Keepers BLESSED – My World Jay Kill + The Hustle Standard – Never seen Runaway (Lost Sould & Genji Mix) The perfect workout song Manila Killa, Joni Fatora – All That’s…

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Never meant to be seen by the world

Fashion Bloggers talk about what really happens on Instagram

So this leaked on the internet … “Omg she is so hot, I wish I looked more like her, I want her legs, her lips, her life….” *Almost every girl scrolling through Instagram, including ourselves. STOP right there. This is not ALL real life, photo’s and video’s you see on your favourite girl crushes accounts,…

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Skincare in your 30s

Skincare in your thirties

Nami Hampe New Zealand Blogger talks about all things beauty and skin care routine for women in their thirties.

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Ready in 10 – A make up guide for busy Bee’s

beauty routine Nami Hampe New ZELAND fashion blogger

Yes, you hit the snooze button one too many times and in between deciding on what to wear and having a quick coffee lets face it (pun intended) there is just not enough time in the morning to get that face of yours did! Trust me this is me every morning and I kind of…

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Meet Kara

SABEN New Zealand

Saben New Zealand handbags styled during NZFW in Auckland by New Zealand Fashion Blogger Nami and Pascale from Serendipity Ave.

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Nudes (Lipsticks)

Serendipity Ave Lipsticks Nude Beauty

We all love a good nude lipstick! If you are a regular blog reader you would have noticed our love affair with nudes 😉 We thought we make it easier for you to find the perfect lippy for you and your budget. We have test driven them all for you and each one of the…

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NZFW Wrap Up

NZFW 2017 Serendipity Ave Auckland Viaduct Centre

Our NZFW wrap-up from 2017. Serendipity Ave attending shows and events in Auckland , see all here

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